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Rainbow Six Siege

In the late 90’s, or pre 9/11, I was introduced to the game called Rainbow Six by my uncle. This was the first game where I learned how to hack a game and edit the various stages and scenarios by determining how many enemies there would be, dictating the path that they would roam, how sensitive they are to noise and movement, and their level of difficulty. There would be many nights of little to no sleep as I would spend hours customizing scenarios then sharing and playing the scenario with the wonderful online community.  Ever since then the brand Rainbow Six has held a special places in my heart.

Fast forward to today we have the hundredth iteration to the game under the title Rainbow Six Siege. One big difference about the game is that there ain’t a story online and it is purely a PVP and PVE (scenario/terrorist hunt) game.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.59.23 AM
Taking tactics to the next level with Rainbow Six Siege Whiteboard

There are a slew of FPS games out there but what draws me to the game is that it is a much slower paced game than others, especially since each player has a single life per round. There is so much great things going for the game that I can talk about this game however what irks me is that Ubisoft servers are horrible, too many dropped matches… Check out this communication thread between my brother and the Support team.

My Ideas - 2.png

Sigh… Below is my rant on the game, just the thought of writing about the experience is depressing. With that said, I still love Rainbow Six Siege… Odd, right?

Clash of Clans Clan Wars Update!

This is a quick short post since I am note supposed to be playing games, should be working on a project instead. 

Yes! Super Cell just did a major update for Clash of Clans that affected clan wars!

Those of you that play the game saw what the update included in your game inbox:

  • Keep separate War-Base layout. Can be edited on prep day.
  • Dismiss donated troops that you do not want.
  • More detailed war stats
  • Info on each player during war
Update Overview 03
Update Overview 01
Update Overview 02
Update Overview 02
Update Overview 01
Update Overview 03
Updated map for the war
Updated map for the war, now number’s player.
Updated Player List
Updated Player List

With the overview of the war, now you can see how well and efficient each clan did during the war. As you can see, Cali Dragoons just placed the hurt on The Cash Clan averaging 91.3% of destruction. It doesn’t help that The Cash Clan only used 27 of 80 attacks.

The war map was updated as well. Now listing who on your hit list will be easier, especially when the enemy’s name is written in another language’s characters such as Chines or Sanskrit to name a few.

Finally, a well detailed player’s overview that shows how well each player is doing. You can even see the other clan’s players to see how well or bad they are doing. What I do like is that we can now see how new stars each player earned during the war. Another neat stat is how many defenses a player won/lost during the war.

As you can tell, I don’t have a picture showing myself saving a War-Base layout. One cane only do so during prep day and we are not going to war till Monday or Tuesday. I’d get kicked out of my own clan if I were to start a war just to show you that I can save a base for war.

That’s all for now. I need to get back to work.


Huge Challenge – Canada311

This past Tuesday we started our fifth war after going 4-0. We were matched up against a clan that has won 7 clan wars, Canada311. Don’t know if they are 7-0 or 7 and several losses, all I know is that we are going to give them a run for their money!

Canada311, 7 wins at Clan Wars

As you can see Canada311 is not just the first clan that we are going up against that has several wins, but a clan that has over 40 players. Over the past few days our clan quickly grew, picking up roughly 10 players, as the past season was ending. This will be largest war that we’ve participated in, so exciting!

As of typing up this post, we are pretty even. I can’t wait to see how this war ends, with is being 5-0 or 4-1. I’m betting on the former.

The war so far




Cali Dragoons are now 5-0!

5-0 Cali Dragoons


Warring with Cali Dragoons

Last Friday we, Cali Dragoons, participated in our first Clan War. We ended up winners! YAY! #WINNING

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

As you can see from above, both clans had players that did not participate in the war.  Even though our Average Destruction was lower than theirs, we were fortunate enough to have more members participating in the CW than them.

Some of you may say that we suck as a clan due to the low AD score. To those that do, you can suck a dick.

I have a lot of expectations and want nothing but perfection, so I do critique our clan with a magnifying lens. However I do understand that we are a young clan with a fair number of players that has been only playing for a few months, with me being one of them.

The poor results from my first battle
The poor results from my first battle

During my first battle with the opposing clan, I targeted a player who had their Town Hall outside their walls. At the initial stage of the attack, I released a few dragons to attack the TH, followed up by a healer to heal the dragons as a couple Archer Towers attacked them. To my alarm, the dragons were not being healed! I panicked and dropped a healing potion on top of them, then just started unloading all my troops to ensure that I would at least walk away with one star and a win. In the end I did destroy the TH, ensuring me one star, but did less than 50% of damage. Few minutes later, a fellow Co-Leader commented “Johny, you didn’t know that healers don’t heal flyers?” which I simply replied “Not at that time, but now I know. Learned the hard way”.

Like I wrote, we are a young clan that is still learning and gaining experience. My takeaway from our first war is that everyone has learned from the war: learned that the battles carry a different kind of pressure to them versus the normal raiding/farming battles, learned that we need to communicate better with strategies and tactics, and that CW is a fun aspect to Clash of Clans that we are transitioning from just a regular clan to a clan that will participate and push CW.

Today is Monday and the first day of a new season. For those that do not know, a season occurs in a span of two weeks starting and ending on Sunday night at 10:00 PM PST. With a new season brings new hope. And that hope is that we win more wars. Last night the Co’s talked about all the different option of when we can war, should war, how many times a week we war, and if we are ready to war.

We decided that we are as ready as we can to war. Every day every member of the clan is going to have something on their base upgrading, structure or troop, and so will any other clan that we face. One thing that we did want to make sure was that every member that would be participating in the war has a Clan Castle of at least level 3 so that they can hold a dragon.

As for when should we go to war? We decided to not focus on weeks but rather on seasons. A few options that were thrown out were: warring every 4 days, warring every single possible time with no break in between, and war once a week. The direction that we went with was that we war three times a season: Monday, Saturday, and the following Thursday. We hope that three wars a season will give us enough action each season, and at the same time enough time to farm to upgrade both our buildings and troops.

We already have our next war set up, going against Super… Man. We have more trophy counts (Cali Dragoons – 11725) than them (Super.. Man 11422) but trophy counts is not the best way to judge your opponent.


Stacking up the competition
Stacking up the competition

As you can see, SM has a few more higher level players than us however they also have 3 players below level 39, one that is level 30. We do have one player that is level 82, and as long as he score three stars in this match I feel that we have a good chance at running the table.

Wish us luck!



We won our second war! I didn’t do to bad either gaining our clan a total of 5 stars! Now we are 2-0 and will be starting our third war on Friday!

Cali Dragoons with the smack down!
Cali Dragoons with the smack down!

Clash of Clans: Clan Wars Update

Clan Wars, yeah!

Or maybe not?

Maintenance Break!
Maintenance Break!

The concept of warring with other clans is great but there are a fair number of bugs that Super Cell need to iron out. As of writing this post the type of glitches that fellow Clash of Clan players are experiencing are:

  • Unable to watch replays
  • Can not attack other clan bases
  • Not able to donate troops
  • Being disconnected in the middle of a battle

Not being able to attack, even after restarting both the game and phone is horrible. But the latter is the worst! Imagine, you have just started a battle against the other clan’s base and while it appears that the attack will be successful. Then boom! The game is restarting and you get zero stars for the attack.

Jocor was only able to score 9% due to the game resetting
Jocor was only able to score 9% due to the game resetting

While playing CW, there are bases that CoC recommends one should attack. However attacking a recommended target doesn’t always work out to well. From what I am hearing from the clan, sometimes the recommended target are; wasting their attack on a weak target that should had been attacked by a lower clan member, or out of their league making the attack challenging and wasting an attack by only procuring 1 star. IMO, if one is well skilled and patient, they should be able to come out of an attack with at least 2 stars.

Even though there are issues with the CW, I am enjoying the action, shit talking with fellow clan members, and having a new purpose to CoC. Farming was becoming tedious and CW is a good way to test how strong one’s clan is.

A few tips for those that want to participate in CW and to those that has already had their first CW match:

  • Have the higher level clan members donate high tier troops and high level troops to the members participating in CW. With high tier/high level troops defending, low level players will be able to put up a stronger defense from the attacking clan.
  • Practice with the army and Clan Castle that you will be using for CW on regular villages. The mental process of attacking in CW is different from farming. In CW, one plays to win. While in farming, one tries to capture as much resources as possible. Plus some players may not be accustomed to battling with 21 wizards, 2 healers, 9 giants, 6 wall breakers, and a dragon in the CC.
  • Watch replays. If a clan member fails at an attack, watch the replay and learn from their mistake.

Finally, here is a tip from a fellow clan member Jae:  One can scout a base by clicking on the blue star, then click on enemy tab, click on name, and one will have the option to visit the base. 

By being able to scout a base, if one has forgotten who they were assigned to attack or if the defender changed their base layout, one can find a base that they can easily win and receive 3 stars.

An easy win for Jae!
An easy win for Jae!

Good luck and happy warring!

Clash of Clans: Clan Wars, HELP!!!

Well. This post is more of a blind question to the World Wide Web about the Clan Wars for Clash of Clans (CoC).

I am fairly new to the game CoC but not super new, been playing a little over 2 months, level 54, town hall 7 but do not have a Barb King. With the most recent update of CoC being on the 9th, Clan Wars was introduced with the update, means that Clan Wars is fairly new to everyone. The basic concept of Clan Wars I understand: the difference from a War Base and Village Base, troop donation, scouting, the 2 stages to the war, etc. The CoC wikipedia answered the fundamental questions. The finer details to Clan Wars has me lost in the dark.

Here are a few questions that I would love answers about Clan Wars:

  • If upgrading a defensive structure is completed during the Prep Day, will the new level be accounted for the Battle Day? One can assume that: yes, any upgrades completed before the Battle Day start will be accounted for the battle. Even though the answer seems common sense, I’d like to be reassured by knowing the correct answer.
  • A player can only attack twice and not the same player. Can multiple players gang up on a single player? According to the CoC wiki “The main goal of attacking in a clan war is to earn stars for your clan by earning them in battle”. If a 100% attack equal 3 stars, it would only make sense to have multiple players concentrate their attacks on a single player. 
  • What is the most amount of stars can an attacker gain from a single attack? If the battle mode, during Clan Wars, is the exactly the game as an attack on a village, then one can safely assume that 3 stars would be the most one can obtain in an attack. But this is Clan Wars.
  • Are all the procured stars tallied up in the end, who ever has the most stars win. Only that best attack will count towards the clan’s total stars shown at the top of the war map.” I am assuming that the top attack score done to a War Base will count. If A attacks C and only scores 2 stars. Then B attacks C and gains 3 stars. The only stars that would be counted against C would be 3 stars. Is that correct?

I honestly have a hundred more questions to ask, but the midnight oil is burning…

At 4 PM today our clan, Cali Dragoons,  enters the second stage of Clan Wars: Battle Day! For our first Clan War, I am hoping for a quick decisive victory and a ton of loot for my fellow clan mates. Whatever the out turns out to be, I’ll be sure to do a follow up post.

Thanks in advance for shedding some light into Clan Wars. the Cali Dragoons clan is thankful.


8.0 Update

Well… has finally released an update for World of Tanks (WOT) that actually changes the game. Update 8.0 was released a few days ago and for the most part I like it. No. I love it.

For those unfamiliar with World of Tanks, WOT is a Free to Play (F2P) tank based MMO game where you can select tanks from World War 2. There are no factions but you can join clans, be in a platoon or company, or play by yourself. Once you start the game you are placed on a team and are pitted against another team to either destroy all the tanks from the opposing team or capture their base. That’s the basic general idea of the game.

The biggest change of the game is the physics. Prior to 8.0, as a tank you’re unable to go over an edge and fall. Now with the update you can drive up to the edge of a cliff and slide down the cliff side or plummet to your death.

Here I am in my Tetrarch tank demonstrating what the physics engine can do. I honestly was hoping to kill myself to rob the enemy the gratification of a kill and experience points that they would gain from my death. Sadly my death counted as one of their kills. At the end of this post you can find a YouTube video that reviews the physics of the game.

Leaping to my grave!

Another aspect of the physics upgrade is that now you can drown in your tank. Before you would drive over water and have your tank barely submerged. Now you can literary drive your tank into the deep end and never come back. During the first day of the update release there would be at least one player in each match killing themselves by either driving off a cliff/bridge or going for a swim lol.

Seeing if my tank is water proof. With the time counting down, I can assume that it aint o.O

Then there is the graphical aesthetics of the game that has  been rendered beautifully. Even though I run the game with the graphic setting at the lowest that it can be, you can see how beautiful the landscape can be while playing WOT. And if you run the game at a higher visual output, there can be a lot more details that you can see.

Enjoying the scenery before delivering death to the enemies.
Getting into position as the sun sets. Like the shadows of the trees during the golden hour?
Viewing the carnage as an angel from above.

The sounds of the game has been improved as well. Shots fired from tanks sound more real now than before, giving the game a more real life experience of what it would be like caught in the middle of a tanks squaring to each other. The lingering bass from an SPG’s and low tier tanks with auto-cannons sounds pretty bad ass!

One of my favorite feature to the game is the battle report. Before the update players would only have a few seconds to see how they fared in the game; how many tanks they destroyed, which tanks they hit or detected, see how much experience and credits they gained, and to see who earned some medals from the game. Now after the match you are thrown directly to the garage and see an overview of the battle.

The Battle Result’s Personal Score which shows that I earned a Steel Wall badge w/ my VK 3601 (H)

If you’re a numbers guy and wanted to see a more detailed report on how well or bad you did in the game you can now select ‘Detailed Report’ to view all that information. What is great about the detailed report is that you can see how much total damage you did, how much damage you received, how much gold you will receive after repairs, how much gold and xp you could had received if you were a premium player, and much more. How you interpret the date is up to you.

My detailed report from this match. Hey! Look at that. I traveled 1.57 km during the match!

With the update comes some nerfing. One of the tanks that was nerfed was my favorite PzKpfw IV. The nerf took away the Darth Vader turret from the tank and replaced it with a Scmalturm turret. The PzKpfw IV also lost it’s snipping ability. This is good and bad. I just now have to play my favorite tank in a different style.

My PzKpfw IV in the Rebels garage.

So far, the only thing that I don’t like about the update is the cost for painting your tank. You would, if you want but not necessarily, purchase a paint scheme for 3 different season for your tank. Then there is a cost per emblem  (max 2) and to add a saying to the tank. Well, I guess that Wargaming.does need to find a way to the game profitable with it being a Free to Play (F2P) game.

For more information about the 8.0 update you can look at the release notes for a full detailed list from the game play option, tank rebalancing, fixes, and more. Like I said above, I do love the update since it made the game feel fresh like a new game.

Please note that some of the images above shows the game altered with some mods from Beals. If you would like to download the mod pack you can download it from here:

Playing SPG

I’ve been playing World of Tanks, a F2P game, for a few months. WOT is  an MMO action game where you drive a World War II tank and engage in field battles with other tanks. WOT is a pretty fun game where you can play with other players in PUG’s or join a clan to play with friends or even participate in clan wars. The clan that I belong to is an easy going fun group called RE8EL where our motto is “Resisting over serious gamers in a province near you 😉 !”

After playing for a while, I have decided to try out the SPG class again. SPG’s (Self Propelled Gun) are the artillery of the game providing support for their team. I’ve played with the German Sturmpanzer I Bison but this time around I’m playing with the Soviet SU-18.

Birds eye view of the target

Tonight I got my first kill by taking down piccolocro. If I was quicker I probably could had saved MessengerofDeath from being killed from piccolocro. As you can see from the image above, I took piccolocro down only right after he took out MessengerofDeath. Oh well, I just need more practice to be a decent SPG player or else I’m going to be looking like the image below and with a lot of repair bills.

Gunned down

My Opinion on Hunger Games Adventure and FB

A couple days ago Funtactix  released the open beta for The Hunger Games Adventure on Facebook. I found out about the open beta from MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog. My initial reaction upon hearing the news was ecstatic. However after playing the game for a few hours the Hunger Games Adventure is like any other game on FB; Castleville, Mob Wars, Infinite Realms, Cafe World, etc. All you do in the game is grind, gather materials, listen to orders, and repeat. Yes the scenery changes from game to game but grinding is work. I just find it odd for people to check out of work in the real world just to put in “work” in the social media reality. Yes, I’ve played WoW, DC Universe, Battle Field 3, and other MMO’s but those games are more about working with other people to complete a task..

Damn. I don’t think I’m making a good argument.

But what I am trying to say is that I am disappointed with the game due to its redundant task however I do like the fact that you get to somewhat experience what it is like to be in District 12, especially since I’m a huge fan of the story. I’m such a huge fan of the story that I’ve made a Twitter account just to role play with other Hunger Games fans (@D12_Haymitch) Now only if the game could had been ground breaking like the story, then the game would had been amazing. Instead the game is another cookie cutter template on the FB gaming platform.

Maybe you all can help understand why do we play games that require us to work when we don’t enjoy working in real life? Is the web a better place for us? Are we truly robots that enjoy doing mundane tasks?

Hunger Games Adventure

KV Party!


I was playing one of my last couple games of the night on World of Tanks and in this round there were a ton of Russians KV’s. On my side we had 5 KV’s while the opposition had 3. I felt left out since I left my KV in the garage and didn’t bring it to the party.Instead I was stuck in my slow moving French AMX 40.

Damn folks, next time send me a memo!


BTW if you folks were wondering about the outcome I got 1 kill, got killed, but we won 🙂