Playing SPG

I’ve been playing World of Tanks, a F2P game, for a few months. WOT is  an MMO action game where you drive a World War II tank and engage in field battles with other tanks. WOT is a pretty fun game where you can play with other players in PUG’s or join a clan to play with friends or even participate in clan wars. The clan that I belong to is an easy going fun group called RE8EL where our motto is “Resisting over serious gamers in a province near you 😉 !”

After playing for a while, I have decided to try out the SPG class again. SPG’s (Self Propelled Gun) are the artillery of the game providing support for their team. I’ve played with the German Sturmpanzer I Bison but this time around I’m playing with the Soviet SU-18.

Birds eye view of the target

Tonight I got my first kill by taking down piccolocro. If I was quicker I probably could had saved MessengerofDeath from being killed from piccolocro. As you can see from the image above, I took piccolocro down only right after he took out MessengerofDeath. Oh well, I just need more practice to be a decent SPG player or else I’m going to be looking like the image below and with a lot of repair bills.

Gunned down

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