Clash of Clans: Clan Wars Update

Clan Wars, yeah!

Or maybe not?

Maintenance Break!
Maintenance Break!

The concept of warring with other clans is great but there are a fair number of bugs that Super Cell need to iron out. As of writing this post the type of glitches that fellow Clash of Clan players are experiencing are:

  • Unable to watch replays
  • Can not attack other clan bases
  • Not able to donate troops
  • Being disconnected in the middle of a battle

Not being able to attack, even after restarting both the game and phone is horrible. But the latter is the worst! Imagine, you have just started a battle against the other clan’s base and while it appears that the attack will be successful. Then boom! The game is restarting and you get zero stars for the attack.

Jocor was only able to score 9% due to the game resetting
Jocor was only able to score 9% due to the game resetting

While playing CW, there are bases that CoC recommends one should attack. However attacking a recommended target doesn’t always work out to well. From what I am hearing from the clan, sometimes the recommended target are; wasting their attack on a weak target that should had been attacked by a lower clan member, or out of their league making the attack challenging and wasting an attack by only procuring 1 star. IMO, if one is well skilled and patient, they should be able to come out of an attack with at least 2 stars.

Even though there are issues with the CW, I am enjoying the action, shit talking with fellow clan members, and having a new purpose to CoC. Farming was becoming tedious and CW is a good way to test how strong one’s clan is.

A few tips for those that want to participate in CW and to those that has already had their first CW match:

  • Have the higher level clan members donate high tier troops and high level troops to the members participating in CW. With high tier/high level troops defending, low level players will be able to put up a stronger defense from the attacking clan.
  • Practice with the army and Clan Castle that you will be using for CW on regular villages. The mental process of attacking in CW is different from farming. In CW, one plays to win. While in farming, one tries to capture as much resources as possible. Plus some players may not be accustomed to battling with 21 wizards, 2 healers, 9 giants, 6 wall breakers, and a dragon in the CC.
  • Watch replays. If a clan member fails at an attack, watch the replay and learn from their mistake.

Finally, here is a tip from a fellow clan member Jae:  One can scout a base by clicking on the blue star, then click on enemy tab, click on name, and one will have the option to visit the base. 

By being able to scout a base, if one has forgotten who they were assigned to attack or if the defender changed their base layout, one can find a base that they can easily win and receive 3 stars.

An easy win for Jae!
An easy win for Jae!

Good luck and happy warring!

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