Perfect Morning

A Perfect Pair taken w/ HTC EVO, edited w/ Be Funky

Well almost. I missed my train to work by 2 mins. Missing my train doesn’t mean that I’ll be late to work, I’ll just be on time and not early.

The next train that I can catch is in 27 minutes. So instead of just waiting around and reading the paper I walked over to Starbucks, which is only half a block away. Over at Starbucks I grabbed a tall cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.

A cup of Starbucks coffee and their a bowl of their Perfect Oatmeal are pair to die for. The coffee is good, I like to add two packets of brown sugar and enough half and half to almost match my skin tone. The oatmeal comes with toppings that you can add; brown sugar, mixed nuts, and mixed berries. I like to add all the toppings in my oatmeal starting with the brown sugar, then the mixed nuts, and finally adding the mixed berries last. Then I would mixed all the ingredients together and enjoy while taking a sips of coffee throughout the course.

A perfect enough morning for me šŸ™‚

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