Manning – Mullin

Today Peyton Manning is officially a Denver Bronco. Yes many knew of the news yesterday but the announcement made today made it official. Manning watch is over and now the future NFL Hall of Famer will start a new chapter in the Mile High Stadium. There are still questions that need to be answered in Denver but as well as around in the NFL.

WWTP (Where Will Tebow Play) was trending for a second as the Tim Tebow nation pondered the question. What will happen to Alex Smith and the 49ers since they failed to court Manning? Who will control the AFC East now that Manning is the go to guy in Denver? Who else from the Colts are coming to Denver?

There is still a lot of free agency talks and rumors going around the nation. Plus we have the highly anticipated NFL draft next month. Then OTA’s, preseason, then finally the NFL regular season. I just love the NFL talk year round!

But let’s put the NFL talk on pause because last night an NBA legend and Hall of Famer, Chris Mullin #17, had his jersey retired in Oakland. The Warriors organization did a great job honoring Mullin by creating #17 signs for fans to hold up, gave away Chris Mullin bobble head dolls, and dedicated almost half an hour half time ceremony to honor Mullin.

The ceremony was going great until the end when Warriors owner Joe Lacob took the mic to adress the crowd. Once Lacob had the mic the Warrior fans let him know their displeasure on how he has handled the organization with a roar of boos. There are sport analysts that say that the Warriors fans did a disservice to Mullin by tainting his ceremony with boos, even though they were not directed at him. Some analyst argue that last night was the only time that fans could express themselves how they felt about Lacob.

I’m going to have to agree with the beforehand than the later. The way the Warrior fans acted last night was just classless and Mullin did not deserved to hear the boos even though they were not directed at him. The fans should be ashamed for booing while wearing blue and yellow at a time when honoring one of their own.

Closing notes: the Arizona Cardinals locked down their #2 receiver, Early Doucet, with a 2 year contract. And we’ll see if the Niners can close their 3yr $24M contract with Alex Smith tonight.

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