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Perfect Morning

A Perfect Pair taken w/ HTC EVO, edited w/ Be Funky

Well almost. I missed my train to work by 2 mins. Missing my train doesn’t mean that I’ll be late to work, I’ll just be on time and not early.

The next train that I can catch is in 27 minutes. So instead of just waiting around and reading the paper I walked over to Starbucks, which is only half a block away. Over at Starbucks I grabbed a tall cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.

A cup of Starbucks coffee and their a bowl of their Perfect Oatmeal are pair to die for. The coffee is good, I like to add two packets of brown sugar and enough half and half to almost match my skin tone. The oatmeal comes with toppings that you can add; brown sugar, mixed nuts, and mixed berries. I like to add all the toppings in my oatmeal starting with the brown sugar, then the mixed nuts, and finally adding the mixed berries last. Then I would mixed all the ingredients together and enjoy while taking a sips of coffee throughout the course.

A perfect enough morning for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Philz for Friday

Philz Coffee
Enjoying a cup of Philz on Caltrain ๐Ÿ™‚

Like many of you, I am ending the work week with an 8 hour day at work today. Since it is Friday I decided to treat myself to Philz Coffe.

Philz Coffers is by far the best romantic coffee experience that I ever had. For those of you that are unfortunate to not live, work, or ne able to visit the San Francisco Bay Area let me give you a quick description to what type of coffee-house.

At Philz they only serve drip coffee that is individually hand-made per order. The flavors of coffee that are offered are a fusion of 2-7 beans from around the world to create unique flavors that any coffee aficionado would love.ย With flavors such as Tesora, Soo Good, and Aromatic Arabic (my favorite) would temp you to try a cup of their dozens of flavors. And if your finicky about your coffee, I’m sure you would find a flavors that you would love. I have been to Philz almost 50 times and have yet to try all their flavors.

Philz Coffee is something that all should try at least once in their life.

Happy Friday all!