Monday Commute

It is Monday, the weekend is over and I am back on the 9 – 5 Mon – Fri grind. On top of the grind I have a commute of 40 miles round trip to work and back. Even though the community sounds horrendous, it truthfully ain’t all thanks bad.

The highlight of my commute is the 40 minute ride from San Francisco to San Carlos on CalTrain. I enjoy ridings CalTrain because the seats are comfortable, the ride is quiet, and it is very scenic.

Union Pacific Engine
Union Pacific Engine 9652 taken w/ HTC EVO, edited w/ Be Funky app.

There are many opportunities during the commute that I get to take photographs with my HTC EVO cell phone. The picture above is one of many shots that I take while riding CalTrain. I also get the advantage of being in a higher vantage point, being that the coach cars are double decked. Something that I would never be able to get on the ground.

What I need to start doing is carrying my digital SLR with me along my commutes so that I can take high quality shots. However it is convenient to not lug around a heavy DSLR and just take pictures with my cell phone. Plus I have many photo editing apps already installed on my cell phone, such as Be Funky (used above) and Pixlr.

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