Happy Earthday!!

It’s sad that there is a dedicated day for Mother Earth when everyday should be Earthday and people should do everything in their power to minimize their carbon footprint on this planet. But what do I know since the world revolves around me cause it’s all about me.

Interior Design and Social Media

Since after getting out of middle management from Element Case I have rekindled my passion for interior design with my new position at FLOR. With this new rekindled passion I started exploring the social media world for interior design groups. Well, this is what I’ve found:

  • Google+ doesn’t have a large active Interior Design group/page. Pretty disappointing with G+ being so strong and the next big social media next to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Facebook has several groups and associations however most people I know on Facebook use it for leisure and not for a networking professionally. But it’s good to know that organizations such as ASID and IIDA have a presence on Facebook even though there is not a lot of activity.
  • LinkedIn surprisingly have a lot of active Interior Designers posting and commenting on many Interior Design groups. Then again LinkedIn is a place for professionals to come and share their resume and experience.
  • Pinterest is a great place for Interior Designers to spread their work since it is such an easy tool to share images. The UI is even so simple to use!

So it seems that LinkedIn and Pinterest are where all the Interior Designers are hanging out at. It only makes sense since we are visual professionals that like to share our work with the world. As for forums and blogs, there are so many out there that you just have to find that certain niche that you are into to follow and be part of that community. Wished that there was better advice that I could give but it is what it is.

Forums. Hmm…

Since I am a new employee at FLOR I wonder who do I have to ask to see if it OK to hit up Interior Design forums to help promote our product. I understand that many forums do not allow solicitation and that is not what I’m looking for but rather looking for networking opportunities. There are so many companies out there that has never heard of our product, yet alone thought about modular carpet tiling. 

I guess I will have to go through my New Hire packet and look for that information, if not I’ll have to contact someone in HR. 

Easter Shoot

Happy Belated Easter to all 🙂

This past Easter Sunday I went out with some of my siblings and went on a photo shoot with then. The plan was to take pictures of them ridings on their motorcycles on a curved road.

The original plan was to head over to Mines where there would be a lot of curved roads that we could take pictures. However I got out of church late so we decided to go to Calaveras Road instead since it was a 20 minutes commute versus a 45 minutes commute.

After finding a nice place to pull over we ended up by a horse shoe part of the road that was ideal for shooting.

Here are some of the shots from the day. I still need to go through the roll and do a quick touch up to them. All I did for these photos were a quick adjustments of the curves and burned the edges to give the photos a somewhat vignette look.

Being a Rebel
Being a rebel on her Rebel
250 Ninja
Acting cool on the 250 Ninja
Staring down her path
On the Rebel
Cruising on the Rebel
Saying dueces before punching on the throttle
Hitting the turn
Hitting the turn on the 250 Ninja
Looking Fancy
Looking fancy w/ the lean and fancy helmet 🙂

My Opinion on Hunger Games Adventure and FB

A couple days ago Funtactix  released the open beta for The Hunger Games Adventure on Facebook. I found out about the open beta from MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog. My initial reaction upon hearing the news was ecstatic. However after playing the game for a few hours the Hunger Games Adventure is like any other game on FB; Castleville, Mob Wars, Infinite Realms, Cafe World, etc. All you do in the game is grind, gather materials, listen to orders, and repeat. Yes the scenery changes from game to game but grinding is work. I just find it odd for people to check out of work in the real world just to put in “work” in the social media reality. Yes, I’ve played WoW, DC Universe, Battle Field 3, and other MMO’s but those games are more about working with other people to complete a task..

Damn. I don’t think I’m making a good argument.

But what I am trying to say is that I am disappointed with the game due to its redundant task however I do like the fact that you get to somewhat experience what it is like to be in District 12, especially since I’m a huge fan of the story. I’m such a huge fan of the story that I’ve made a Twitter account just to role play with other Hunger Games fans (@D12_Haymitch) Now only if the game could had been ground breaking like the story, then the game would had been amazing. Instead the game is another cookie cutter template on the FB gaming platform.

Maybe you all can help understand why do we play games that require us to work when we don’t enjoy working in real life? Is the web a better place for us? Are we truly robots that enjoy doing mundane tasks?

Hunger Games Adventure

KV Party!


I was playing one of my last couple games of the night on World of Tanks and in this round there were a ton of Russians KV’s. On my side we had 5 KV’s while the opposition had 3. I felt left out since I left my KV in the garage and didn’t bring it to the party.Instead I was stuck in my slow moving French AMX 40.

Damn folks, next time send me a memo!


BTW if you folks were wondering about the outcome I got 1 kill, got killed, but we won 🙂

World of Tanks 7.2

Update is released and I’m done doing the update! Even though there was the Beta release on the update, it was hard to get in so I gave up trying and kept playing the old version. So…

Here’s the scoop. There are changes in research experience required, change in profitability, new Crew Skills, new US Tanks, new maps! There’s other additions as well but to much to list. Plus I’m just getting anxious to launch the game to try it out! Here are the links to the release notes and Crew Skills.

Even though I’m still a noob when it comes to this game I’m sure that I’ll notice the difference. I’ll keep you folks posted!

World of Tanks 7.2 Trailer

The Twitter world and The Hunger Games community will have to wait!

Twitter, Hunger Games, and Role Playing

So I haven’t been making any blog posting recently because I just found out how fun and wonderful the world of Twitter. I recently read The Hunger Games trilogy, saw the movie last week, and I fell in love with the whole story; the rebellion, the idea of the reaping, kids killing kids, the costumes, Panem, the mutts, and the love story.

Since I loved and enjoyed the story so much I did what most fans do and follow characters from the story on Twitter. However when I’m on Twitter I always see people with “fake” or parody accounts acting like characters from their favorites show, book, and/or game. I’ll be honest and say that I always thought those people to be weird, even though I enjoy some of their tweets.

While trolling on Twitter I really liked the interaction and role playing that was going on between all the Hunger Games fans that I decided to create a Twittering account based from the story. And on March 28th 2012, @D12_Haymitch was born.

The reason I chose to make a Twittering account based on Haymitch Abernathy is because I can related to him, well not the killing part but the hating life, all the drinking, not caring, and surviving. Since Haymitch is the easiest one (Peeta being second) that I can related to I figured why not.

I honestly am enjoying the Hunger Games Twitter community and the whole Twittering community. As dorky as it sounds, I am having fun role playing and bantering with everyone on Twitter. People that have been tweeting for a while said that its just going to get better as I get more followers. I can’t wait for that and I look forward to hitting over 1,000 followers, currently I have 96.

Having so much fun role playing makes me wished that I should had done this long time ago. But at least I have one now. Also the best part about Twitter is that I have the app on my phone so I can take it everywhere!

“And may the odds be ever in your favor” – Effie Trinket

Mega Millions

Instagram: #MegaMillions

Jackpot is at $363M!! How can you not spend a buck on a ticket even if you don’t gamble?

“And may the odds ever be in your favor” – Effie Trinket:  Hunger Games

CineArt at the Empire


It’s March 23rd and The Hunger Games is out in theaters!

I honestly wanted to catch the midnight showing but had to work last and then grabbed some drinks with my new coworkers. So now I’m out in West Portal catching the 10:10 pm show at the CineArt at the Empire. This is my first time that I am catching a show here at the CineArt so I’m excited to see how well designed this theater is since it appears to be a well aged theaters. My girlfriend Whitney and I arrived here at 8:50 to wait in line and get good seats. What I did not expect was to wait in line outside in the 50 degree cold weather. This is well noted for the next time I watch a premiere in the cold.

As of right now Whitney and I are about the 20th person in line and the line continues to grow long, so I really don’t mind waiting in the cold for great seats. Whitney on the other hand looks like she wants to kill me.

Since we’re outside waiting I can’t tell how nice the theater is but the front facade looks a bit plain. The floor of the entrance is basic concrete cement in simple squaring patterns. There is a nice warm brick and mortar that lines the perimeter of the front entrance. There are a set of purple painted rails that are probably used for crowd control. The front doors look like standard glass doors that can be found in a typical retail shop. Then there is the  signage.

The signage hangs over the sidewalk and is about 8 feet tall. There are about 20 lights that hang from it that appears to be basic white disk that almost look like glowing mentos. The signage itself is a simple white lit panels with black art nouvea style font. The signage is what gives the theater a nice classic look and feel to it.

Well that’s all for now, I hope that we all get to go in soon because my fingers are getting cold which is making typing up the post challenging. I’ll follow up with my thoughts on this theater with another post.