CineArt at the Empire


It’s March 23rd and The Hunger Games is out in theaters!

I honestly wanted to catch the midnight showing but had to work last and then grabbed some drinks with my new coworkers. So now I’m out in West Portal catching the 10:10 pm show at the CineArt at the Empire. This is my first time that I am catching a show here at the CineArt so I’m excited to see how well designed this theater is since it appears to be a well aged theaters. My girlfriend Whitney and I arrived here at 8:50 to wait in line and get good seats. What I did not expect was to wait in line outside in the 50 degree cold weather. This is well noted for the next time I watch a premiere in the cold.

As of right now Whitney and I are about the 20th person in line and the line continues to grow long, so I really don’t mind waiting in the cold for great seats. Whitney on the other hand looks like she wants to kill me.

Since we’re outside waiting I can’t tell how nice the theater is but the front facade looks a bit plain. The floor of the entrance is basic concrete cement in simple squaring patterns. There is a nice warm brick and mortar that lines the perimeter of the front entrance. There are a set of purple painted rails that are probably used for crowd control. The front doors look like standard glass doors that can be found in a typical retail shop. Then there is the  signage.

The signage hangs over the sidewalk and is about 8 feet tall. There are about 20 lights that hang from it that appears to be basic white disk that almost look like glowing mentos. The signage itself is a simple white lit panels with black art nouvea style font. The signage is what gives the theater a nice classic look and feel to it.

Well that’s all for now, I hope that we all get to go in soon because my fingers are getting cold which is making typing up the post challenging. I’ll follow up with my thoughts on this theater with another post.

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