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Haight Ashbury Street Fair

Haight and Ashbury is one of many iconic neighborhoods in San Francisco, widely known as the birthplace of the hippie movement. This past weekend San Francisco held the Haight Ashbury Street Fair, one of many street fairs and festivals that happens in the City (Fillmore Jazz FestivalHow Weird Street Fair, Cherry Blossom Festival, and Folsom Street Fair to name a few), a street fair that has been happening for over 30 years.

Surprisingly this was my first time going the street fair after living in the City for several years, not because I feared being surrounded by hippies but rather cause of laziness and the ‘living in the area and can go when ever I want’ mentality. For the record I don’t have a fear of hippies or have a disdain of hippies, I’ve been to Haight Street many times for food, shopping, and people watching. The neighborhood itself reminds me of Berkeley and consists more of yuccies, transients, and tourists rather than hippies.

From the few street fairs and festivals that I have attended in the City, it felt that the Haight Ashbury Street Fair seemed small. I haven’t been to all the street fairs and festivals in the City (click here for a list to all the street fairs and festivals in SF) but a few things great about this fair were that it was well organized, clean, and family friendly. Many businesses stayed open during the event, which is a great way for tourist to experience both the street fair and the unique stores that reside in the neighborhood. There were a couple stages that featured bands that I was unfamiliar with, but even away from the stages there were artists playing music at different corners of the streets with people dancing to their beat. As for food, one can smell all sorts of delicious flavors floating in the air since the fair was filled with a plethora of food vendors; food vendors that offered a range of food from shawarmas to turkey legs and deserts such as funnel cakes and ice cream. 

Overall I thought that the Haight Ashbury Street Fair was a great event to experience. Even though I felt that the event seemed more of a novelty, honestly not my scene, the fair was a good representation of the neighborhood and good for the City. I would go back again if a friend asked me to go with them or if I had a friend/family that was visiting the same time the event was happening. If I wanted to go to Haight, I’d go when the street fair wasn’t happening just to have less of a crowd to fight.  

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Haight Street Festival

Lido – This Is Not An EDM Show


Saw Lido for the first time live and boy was he amazing!..

Well.. For those of you that don’t know, Lido also goes by the stage name Trippy Turtle. I’ve seen Trippy Turtle a couple times, at 1015 Folsom and EDC at the 7 UP stage, however Lido has a totally different sound. Plus the show that Lido put on was ‘not an EDM show’ and far from the Jersey Club sound.

Lido performed last Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, this definitely was not an EDM show. There were no lasers, untz untz, or glovers on site. Lido sang many of the songs that he remixed in the past while playing various keyboards and drumming away on his percussion pad.

Lido taking us to church! Yes he did, Amen! Love how Lido explains growing up Gospel music at church and that he has a true connection to the gospel, not just sampling and exploiting the chords and sounds of gospel music. Lido truly has the Holy Ghost in him.

Lido ended his Sunday Service with an encore performance of 4 5 Seconds. What more can I write but to end with a huge thank you to Lido for stoping by San Francisco.

A New Chapter

Today starts a new chapter in my life.

This new chapter will not be an uneventful chapter… Or easy. I am going from a 30 minute commute to a 2 hour commute. A salary that is a fifth more than what I am making, however I’m losing the commission aspect which technically means that I am making less. Worst of all, I am leaving my friends behind.

Don't Cry Because Its Over . Smile Because It Happened
“Don’t Cry Because Its Over . Smile Because It Happened” – Dr. Suess

Sometimes one has to take one step back to take two steps forward. However this new chapter is not a step back, more like a step to the side then forward.


Coachella. How can I describe Coachella? Wow. That’s the only way that I can describe my experience at Coachella. I know that ‘wow’ is a very vague term but ‘WOW’ is what I am using. Just wow because the experience was memorably good, for the most part (more on that later).

Coachella is not EDC and to compare each other is like comparing Five Guys with In-N-Out, their just two different beasts. Beast is a good word to describe Coachella because that shit kicked my ass. I would do the walk. The walk. THE WALK. The walk to the venue from the streets was forever. Then having to do the same walk home from the venue after hours of jumping and dancing under the sun is no fun.

Now I did ride the pedi cabs all three days, but I was forced to. Forced to pay the $10 – $15 a person for the ride because my gf got a nasty blister on her foot from the walk from where we were staying to the front entrance. Stepping on her bad heel doesn’t help; I swear it was an accident! These rides were short, only a third of the way from where you’re going, so you would have to take multiple rides to get from the venue to the street (49th and Monroe). On the second day we did find out that walking in from 52nd and Monroe is a shorter trip that only required one pedi cab ride but going home we still had to trek through the Yellow Path (49th and Monroe) to get to the taxis/Uber stands. I spent more money on a single pedi cab than I did all weekend using Uber.

Using Uber versus waiting in the taxi line was great! Sucks to those drivers that had to take me home since I was staying across the street, I feel a bit guilty but feeling guilty is better than feeling the wrath of a mad woman that almost ruined her first Coachella experience because I can’t walk straight. The reason I feel a tiny bit guilty, and that’s big of me to say because I HATE taxi/town car/Uber drivers in the City, is because the drivers would have to sit

I’m still exhausted from the whole Coachella experience: drive down and back, the sun, walking for miles, lack of sleep, and being robbed to ride those pedicabs. So I’ll keep this post short and write about one more thing, then I’ll just link the videos that were taken and let you watch and listen to the music that I experienced. Watch those videos, you’ll enjoy them. Plus I know that you’re into voyeurism.

The last takeaway that I have to mention about Coachella was the bomb ass ice cream. OMG! I never knew that ice cream could taste so good! I’ve tasted good ice cream before from Lords to Thriftys to the high priced gluten free ice cream from gourmet food trucks that can be found at Off The Grid. The folks from Salt & Straw drove all the way from Portland to Indio just to share the Earth’s best ice cream. Thank you! I’m not going to lie, I was skeptic at first looking at the price: $7 for a single and $10 for a double scoop. My gf was craving something sweet and I felt bad for stepping on her heel, so took a leap of fate and paid the highway robbery price for a double scoop cone of ice cream. How good was the ice cream? Let’s just say that we got ice cream every single day and didn’t even blink at the price. That’s how good it was. Next time you’re in Portland stop by their shop, there are three Salt & Straw locations. You can thank me later.

Now the music… Well some of it. I’m taking forever uploading videos onto Youtube. I’ll post more videos in the coming days.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas with the Russell's
Merry Christmas from Santa Barbara!

Hi all!

For those of you that don’t know, I am spending this year’s holiday season in SoCal with the first trip of the leg in Santa Barbara and the second half in San Diego. Before opening into some presents I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Pre EDC Journey

Wow! What a day full of events and a journey it was to getting to Las Vegas!
Started the day off by dropping of my GF and her cousin at Oakland Airport, then headed over to Fremont to see my niece graduate from high school, headed over to Dublin to catch a ride to Vegas where I caught the end of the Spurs Heat game 7 Finals, and then finally hitting the road. To top things off, Instagram has a new video feature! Goodbye Vine.

Going to take a power nap for now before I get this party train rolling!

Live105 Spookfest 2012

This past Friday, Live 105 held their 4th annual Spookfest, the Bay Area subsonic Halloween massive event at Oakland‘s Oracle Arena.  All I have to say is “Damn! This shit was off the hook!”

Live105 Spookfest Subsonic Halloween Massive

Got to the Oracle Arena right before 8 so the first set that I caught was from Benny Bennasi. After Benny was R3HAB. Then Datsik for for all the dubstep folks in the arena. Finally we had Calvin Harris to close out the night.

Enjoying the sets
The Lights
Some fire
And great company!
Where’s Waldo?
Thank you LIVE105 for Spookfest!

What a night! Wished that Spookfest lasted longer than 1 am. Oh well.

Up next POP NYE!

San Francisco Fall Antique Show 2012

It is fall and here in San Francisco that means Giants, World Series, #OrangeOctober, and the annual San Francisco Fall Antique Show. The SFFAS started Thursday October 25th and runs through  Sunday the 28th. Tickets for general admission is $15 if purchased ahead of time, if not $20 at the door. There are seminars and lectures that does vary in price. The sales of the tickets do benefit Enterprise for High School Students.

For more info about tickets, click here.

Here are some of the fine antiques from the SFFAS. If you have a chance to attend it, I highly recommend it.

Green Collar Baseball

OMG! My first (probably only) game of the season and I had a chance to watch my team win tonight to clinch a playoff spot! It has been years since the A’s have made it to the post season and they are hot!

Here’s a view from our seat tonight that I shared with friends and family. with some friends/family and the Athletics
Little brother Andrew
James and Annie

Let’s Go Oakland!

Beyond Wonderland – Bay Area

This past Saturday in Oakland there were almost 400 noise complaints for a rave that was happening at the Coliseum. This rave that lasted till 2 in the morning had headliners that consisted of Avicii, Alesso, Sander van Doorn, Chuckie, and much more. This rave that caused so much noise that can be felt and heard for miles was called Beyond Wonderland. And what a wonderful experience it was!

Beyond Wonderland has been around for sometime however this was the first time that Insomniac has decided to bring it north to the San Francisco Bay Area. The line to enter the venue moved fast, the weather wasn’t to cold, the Dj’s were killing it, and my ears were ringing till this afternoon 🙂

Going crazy in the Madhatter’s Castle!

I have included a map (courtesy of Insomniac) of the venue below so you can get an idea of the venue. For those of you unfamiliar with Coliseum and the Oracle Arena, the is the home of both the Oakland Athletics and the Oakland Raiders while the Oracle Arena is the home of the Golden State Warriors. The is set to the East of the Oracle Arena where they are both flanked by parking to the north and south. The venue was set in the south parking lot. There were 3 stages; the Caterpillar Garden which was to the north east of the venue, the Madhatter’s Castle set in the middle, and the Queens’s Domain to the south. There was a ferries wheel, drinks, and other “attractions” that were set between the Madhatter’s Castle and the Queen’s Domain.

Map of Beyond Wonderland

With the name Beyond Wonderland I was coming to the venue expecting to go down the rabbit hole and find myself in a whole new world. Instead I ended up at the Madhatter’s table sober. Beyond Wonderland was like a bad regurgitation of the Electronic Daisy Carnival. I didn’t feel energy in the air, the ferries wheel and the picnic area seemed like an afterthought, and there wasn’t enough lights… What I mean by not enough lights is that the physical experience wasn’t all there. This is my opinion and I know that it aint fair to compare Beyond Wonderland with EDC.  With that said, the sets were amazing! Which is the very reason why people come to these events/raves/festivals. To hear and see their favorite DJ’s perform and fuck them sideways.

Sander van Doorn.

Oh man, where do I start? I saw Avicii for the first time and his set was crazy! Craziest part of it was that in the middle of his set, someone ignited a tear gas or let lose a fire extinguisher. I was to the right side of the tent when what ever it was went off and as soon as it did, many of us cleared the tent fast! People were running while covering their face, some were chocking and coughing, and there were still people enjoying the music. So I’m sure that what ever it was, was not tear gas. If it were, I’d be dying and more people would had been affected. The music kept on going and once the ominous cloud cleared, everyone went back in the tent to enjoy the night.

Avicii throwing it down!

I can’t stop saying how wonderful the DJ’s were. Cazzette, Thomas Gold, and all the other DJ’s that I saw that night. I wished that there was better timing with the different set times and less overlapping. Since there were overlapping set times I caught the tail end of some sets. For example, after Aviccii I went from the Queen’s Domain to the Madhatter’s Castle to catch the end of Chuckie‘s set. I wished that I saw all of Chuckie’s set since he was killing it.

Chuckie getting down in the Madhatter’s Castle!

The best DJ of the night would be Sander van Doorn. This. Guy. Killed. It. WOW! Sander’s set at EDC was one of my favorite form that weekend. But the set that Sander played for Beyond was a godly amount better! Holy shit! Can you say wow! Damn, damn, damn. Here’s a tease of Sander’s set from my girlfriend.

I’m thankful that Insomniac brought Beyond Wonderland and these wonderful DJ’s to the Bay Area. Over all the night was bad ass! I know that I’m being ignorant for writing that my ears were ringing the next day but I earned those damage ear drums. Next time I’ll bring ear buds. Which means that next time Beyond Wonderland is up here in the Bay Area, I’m going.