Lido – This Is Not An EDM Show


Saw Lido for the first time live and boy was he amazing!..

Well.. For those of you that don’t know, Lido also goes by the stage name Trippy Turtle. I’ve seen Trippy Turtle a couple times, at 1015 Folsom and EDC at the 7 UP stage, however Lido has a totally different sound. Plus the show that Lido put on was ‘not an EDM show’ and far from the Jersey Club sound.

Lido performed last Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, this definitely was not an EDM show. There were no lasers, untz untz, or glovers on site. Lido sang many of the songs that he remixed in the past while playing various keyboards and drumming away on his percussion pad.

Lido taking us to church! Yes he did, Amen! Love how Lido explains growing up Gospel music at church and that he has a true connection to the gospel, not just sampling and exploiting the chords and sounds of gospel music. Lido truly has the Holy Ghost in him.

Lido ended his Sunday Service with an encore performance of 4 5 Seconds. What more can I write but to end with a huge thank you to Lido for stoping by San Francisco.

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