Coachella. How can I describe Coachella? Wow. That’s the only way that I can describe my experience at Coachella. I know that ‘wow’ is a very vague term but ‘WOW’ is what I am using. Just wow because the experience was memorably good, for the most part (more on that later).

Coachella is not EDC and to compare each other is like comparing Five Guys with In-N-Out, their just two different beasts. Beast is a good word to describe Coachella because that shit kicked my ass. I would do the walk. The walk. THE WALK. The walk to the venue from the streets was forever. Then having to do the same walk home from the venue after hours of jumping and dancing under the sun is no fun.

Now I did ride the pedi cabs all three days, but I was forced to. Forced to pay the $10 – $15 a person for the ride because my gf got a nasty blister on her foot from the walk from where we were staying to the front entrance. Stepping on her bad heel doesn’t help; I swear it was an accident! These rides were short, only a third of the way from where you’re going, so you would have to take multiple rides to get from the venue to the street (49th and Monroe). On the second day we did find out that walking in from 52nd and Monroe is a shorter trip that only required one pedi cab ride but going home we still had to trek through the Yellow Path (49th and Monroe) to get to the taxis/Uber stands. I spent more money on a single pedi cab than I did all weekend using Uber.

Using Uber versus waiting in the taxi line was great! Sucks to those drivers that had to take me home since I was staying across the street, I feel a bit guilty but feeling guilty is better than feeling the wrath of a mad woman that almost ruined her first Coachella experience because I can’t walk straight. The reason I feel a tiny bit guilty, and that’s big of me to say because I HATE taxi/town car/Uber drivers in the City, is because the drivers would have to sit

I’m still exhausted from the whole Coachella experience: drive down and back, the sun, walking for miles, lack of sleep, and being robbed to ride those pedicabs. So I’ll keep this post short and write about one more thing, then I’ll just link the videos that were taken and let you watch and listen to the music that I experienced. Watch those videos, you’ll enjoy them. Plus I know that you’re into voyeurism.

The last takeaway that I have to mention about Coachella was the bomb ass ice cream. OMG! I never knew that ice cream could taste so good! I’ve tasted good ice cream before from Lords to Thriftys to the high priced gluten free ice cream from gourmet food trucks that can be found at Off The Grid. The folks from Salt & Straw drove all the way from Portland to Indio just to share the Earth’s best ice cream. Thank you! I’m not going to lie, I was skeptic at first looking at the price: $7 for a single and $10 for a double scoop. My gf was craving something sweet and I felt bad for stepping on her heel, so took a leap of fate and paid the highway robbery price for a double scoop cone of ice cream. How good was the ice cream? Let’s just say that we got ice cream every single day and didn’t even blink at the price. That’s how good it was. Next time you’re in Portland stop by their shop, there are three Salt & Straw locations. You can thank me later.

Now the music… Well some of it. I’m taking forever uploading videos onto Youtube. I’ll post more videos in the coming days.


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