Life On Two Wheels

Last September I finally had the opportunity and privilege to do an activity that many of my siblings do, that is ride motorcycles, legally. After completing the MSF course and passing the DMV written exam, my sister sold her Ninja 250 to me and I’ve been riding almost every single day. The only days that I happen to not ride are those where I have to go somewhere with my gf (she doesn’t have her own helmet and I’m a new rider), days that it is raining, and when I sit at home and be a bum.

Ninja 250 at Baker Beach
Ninja 250 at Baker Beach

Since September to today, mid March, I’ve placed approximately 4k miles, done the oil change twice, and got in a few close calls more than enough times. I plan on riding every single day that I can till I ship out to basic training, which leaves me with about 3 more months of good riding.

Selfie With The Golden Gate Bridge
Selfie With The Golden Gate Bridge

Below is a time lapse video of my daily commute, from work to home which is about 17 miles one way. I plan on doing another time lapse when the sun comes out. Also maybe start a motovlog…

*Music is by Clean Bandit – Real Love

2 thoughts on “Life On Two Wheels

  1. I am so proud of you and extremely jealous that you get to ride everyday or close to it. Hell, you’ve put on more miles than I’ve done in 2 years. Keep doing what you love and ride safe!

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