Good Times on the Islands

A few days ago, after work, I headed over to both the Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island to meet up with some friends (Joe Ercoli, Tom Finale, Paul Giani, Jorman KoonDan Orlando, and my brother James Perez) to go picture taking. For those of you that don’t know which island is which? The southern island that connects the eastern and western span of the Bay Bridge is called Yerba Buena Island. While the northern island that once was a naval base and now is a waste of good real estate is called Treasure Island.

Our group met up on Treasure Island by the hot dog cart, where they run a scam and claim that they don’t have change to force you to purchase more stuff. Once we were collected, Joe led us to an abandoned pool. This pool was a good size pool with the deepest section appearing to be over 10’ deep. I can imagine how grand this pool was when in use. Now the pool is all tagged up with debris scattered all over. We took some quick shots of the pool then took off to catch the sunset.

The Pool on Treasure Island
Sunset at the Pool

When we got back to the water, we got set up to take pictures of the sunset. I decided to take my GoPro out to record a time lapse of the sunset, since the sunset looked amazing. With the GoPro I’m working on a time lapse montage of the Bay Bridge. I’m not to sure how long it will be but I know that I wont post it up till after the new Eastern Span is built.

Watching the sunset with a GoPro

Once the sun was set we headed out to the top of Yerba Buena Island to look get a nice view of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. This was my first time being to the top of the island but I know for sure that it will not be my last.

Both Eastern Spans of the Bay Bridge

From the top of the island we drove onto the eastern pier of Treasure Island to get a profile view of both eastern span bridges. You are now able to see the cables that will suspend the bridge versus the last time I was here; there were no cables on the bridge.

Profile view of the Eastern Spans of the Bay Bridge

We had a great night shooting on the islands. Even though I shot these shots with a POS, they didn’t come out to bad, not but not bad either. I can’t wait to pick up a new DSLR and go out shooting again here on this island.

San Francisco Skyline at Night

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