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Progress on the Bay Bridge

A Work in Progress

I’ll be going out to Yerba Buena Island today after work to take some photos of the Bay Bridge. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of both the San Francisco span and Oakland span of the Bay Bridge ever since I posted pictures of the bridge on this blog. Joe Ercoli, Tom Finale, James Perez, Paul Giani, Jorman Koon, and I will be making the trek around the island. This time I’ll be taking my GoPro HERO2 and a POS Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS since I no longer have my Canon Rebel XSi.

With the GoPro, I’m going to attempt to do a time lapse of the sun setting in the west with the San Francisco Bay Bridge span in the foreground. I haven’t had the chance to pick up the LCD Back for the GoPro so I’ll be shooting blind, technically. I’ve played around with the GoPro enough that I have an idea of what I’ll be capturing.

Once the sun set, we’ll be heading to the east end of the island to take shots of the Oakland span that has both the  new Bay Bridge and current Bay Bridge section. There has been a lot of progress done to the new span of the bridge  since the last time that I was there on Yerba Buena Island. The bridge now have cables hanging down from the main cable.

Th new Bay Bridge; its Tower and Cables

The photo above was taken from an ACTransit bus as I was heading to the East Bay. So as you can tell from the Google Map photo from the very top of this post, that when compared to the Instagram photo above, there has been a ton of progress on the new span.

I plan on shooting the Oakland span with the POS Canon. I’m worried about the quality of photos that I’ll get. I hope that it wont be a waste of time trying to shoot with the POS. Actually, I know it wont be a true waste of time since I’ll be seeing friends that I haven’t seen in few months.  I do know that the POS is not a DSLR and that the quality will not be as good.

We are just have to stay tuned to see how everything turned out. So stay tuned. Maybe if time permits I’ll post something from tonight’s photo adventure later early tomorrow morning.

The Iron Horse Bridge

I have been practicing with composition and cropping with the photos that I take. Below are several images of the same subject, the Robert I. Schroder (also referred to as the Iron Horse Bridge) in Walnut Creek, CA taken from different sections of the of the bridge.

The first photo is an overall shot of the bridge. Here I am trying to illustrate the shape and form of the bridge as it holds itself over the street.

Iron Horse Bridge

Next we have a view of the Iron Horse Bridge from the POV of a pedestrian. We are able to see the shape of the path as well as the butterflying feature of the arches as they fan outward toward the street.

Butterfly Arches

The final photo shows the south end underbelly of the bridge. I’m trying to show off the landscaping below the bridge since the greenery around the bridge is a wonderful complimentary feature of the bridge.

South End Pass

Let me know what you all think about the balance, feel, and overall composition. Feed back is always welcomed as I am growing to be a better photographer. Thanks!

A Palace for the World’s Fair

I took advantage of being off this past Thursday by going out shooting with my brother James and my friend Jorman. We spent that afternoon going to several places taking shots of iconic structures of San Francisco, one of them being the Palace of Fine Arts.

Built in 1915, nine years after the devastation 1906 earthquake, San Francisco was back on its feet and wanted to show the world how it well the city was doing by holding the The Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), World’s Fair, for the opening of the Panama Canal. There were plenty of magnificent structures that were built for the event such as the Palace of Horticulture and the Tower of Jewels. Sadly, like all World’s Fair, these great structures were only temporary. From all the grandeur of the PPIE, the only structure that remains is the Palace of Fine Arts.

Below is a panorama of the Palace of Fine Arts where you can see people enjoying the day and appreciating the spectacle before their eyes.

The Palace of Fine Art, San Francisco CA

The Palace of Fine Arts received a long overdue restoration that was completed in 2011. Some of the things that came with the face lift was the removal of the inset faces from under the dome of the rotunda. Pun intended, even though the pun was corny.

Below The Dome

To help give you an idea to how massive the rotunda is, I took a photo of a couple folks within the rotunda as they were going about shooting photos. The way I was able to take this photo was ever so gently scaling the steps up till I was a good 15′ – 20′ above the ground.

Scale Figure

The steps that I scaled are actually planters and at the time of taking the photo, there were no plants within the planters.

Empty Planter Steps

James took a picture of me while I started my decent back down, then posted the image on Instagram. As you can see the urns are approximately 10′ tall, making me appear diminutive.

Scaling The Steps

The landscaping is done so wonderful throughout the area for the Palace of Fine Arts. I am not a horticulturalist so I can’t name all the plants that surrounds the area, but the flowers, shrubs, and trees sure do compliment the areas and make the Palace of Fine Arts complete.

The Redwood Trees that grow on the grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts grow along side of the columns so naturally that they appear to be a part of the structure. The branches and leaves of the Redwood works well with the Corinthians capitals of the columns.

Redwood and Corinthians

Finally, a great feature of the Palace of Fine Arts is that the lagoon creates a tranquility to the space around it that brings in wildlife. The various wildlife that makes the Palace of Fine Arts their home ranges from ducks, swans, turtles, frogs, and many more. I had a great opportunity to shoot a few of the swans while we all were walking around taking photos.

Swan Lake

I can’t wait till I come back to the Palace of Fine Arts to snap some photos of this place. Next time I’ll do some HDR and/or Time Lapse. And once the weather cools down and the fog stops being a constant, I’ll have a chance to shoot the Palace of Fine arts at night for the first time.

Please leave any comments, feed back, negativity, positive stuff, and what nots about my post, grammar, photo skills, poor post production editing, and story telling skills since I am trying to be a better blogger, photographer, writer, and person.


Missing New York

It has been over 3 years since I have been to the East Coast, specification New York and New Jersey. I was in those two states for my girlfriend’s birthday and for Fourth of July in 2009.

I spent about two weeks out in the East but it felt more like 2 days. I would like to go back to NY since I had a wonderful time there with my family and future family. I did a ton of walking to get to know the city, took a ton of photos, caught a Mets game, ate good food, and hanged around a lot of great people.

Here’s a photo of the New York skyline taken on the JFK Boulevard in Weehawken, New Jersey.

The New York Skyline from Weehawken, NJ.

The Hudson River is in the foreground with ferries transporting people between the state lines. To the right toward the back row of buildings you can see the top of the Empire State Building. To the left of the Empire State Building you can see the W Hotel, the “W” gives it away. Other famous buildings that can be seen are the Citicorp Building with its oblique slanting roof, the diagrid looking Hearst Magazine Building, and the Time Warner Center that has the two tall towers. Both the Joe DiMaggio Highway and Henry Hudson Parkway can be seen to the left of the frame. If I were from New York and studied the skyline, I’d be able to name a lot more of  buildings as I am able to name the buildings in San Francisco, and I would share that knowledge with you.

I hope to have another shot of the New York skyline by 2014 since I’m sure that the skyline has changed by now. Only time will tell if I ever get a chance to.