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The New Myspace: Like An Old High School Buddy

Just like that high school buddy that left town to attend college and now is back with a degree. That person is still the same guy from high school but more refined but still ever a good friend.

Well, Myspace is back along with a new look. Forget the look, Myspace is be back with a whole new experience.

Last week I requested for an invite to the New Myspace and last night I got invited to join the New Myspace!

You’re invited to Join the New Myspace

I’ve set up my profile, https://new.myspace.com/johnydecali, uploaded a couple pics, connected to some music, and added a couple folks to my Top 8.

Wow! I haven’t messed with Top 8 in a minute lol. Facebook has something like Top 8 called Close Friends but it ain’t like Top 8 where you can display who is in your Top 8 to your friends and trolls that cruise your page.

There’s so much that I want to write about and yet I feel that I still have so much to experience w/ the New Myspace that I don’t want to be to judgmental from my initial test drive of the site. So I’ll just mention a few quick things that are both good and bad.

Let’s first talk about lagging. One would be able to pan horizontally through their stream and what ever they were looking at should populate. Below is how my stream should appear.

My stream feed on the New Myspace.

However with either my connection lagging or the New Myspace server having issues, I was receiving content that was not fully uploaded. Below you can see the same exact screen from above but rather with the upload issue, which was intermittent. If any of you are having the same issues, please let me know because it would be great to know that I’m not alone with this problem. Thanks.

Content not fully uploaded from the server.

Besides the uploading issue, everything is great!

It took me a few seconds to familiarize myself with the UI and get into the habbit of simply hitting escape to close out the pop up windows. Panning horizontally versus the usual vertical style web page seems intuitive, especially since the wheel on the mouse already knows to go from left to right on horizontal websites.

The music features are pretty nice. I like how one can have the music play and have the control bar anchored to the bottom of the web page. You have the options of having a queue of songs play, music video play, or connected to a “radio station” where one would get a feed of the selected artist. If you have a music video playing, by default, it appears full screen but you can quickly minimize the video and that video plants itself to the bottom left of the screen.

Fullscreen: Linkin Park – Burn it Down
Minimized: Mike Shinoda going off at the bottom right of the screen.

With the ability of playing both songs, videos, and being a social website the New Myspace may kill sites like Pandora or Last.fm as a source of streaming music.

Unlike Facebook, where you go on a liking spree and Like a ton of stuff from your feed, the New Myspace does not have a like button. Neither did the original Myspace. But there is a connect button that appears in the form of 2 circles that intersect. When you connect to a person or subject, a portion of the circle gets shaded in. When the other person connects back to you, the 2 circles combine into a single circle to represent how each of you fully connect.

Is connecting the equivalent as a “Like” button? For now I am going to have to say yes.

Below is Scholar Apparel’s New Myspace stream that shows that they have been listening to music and connecting with people.

School Apparel’s stream.

The New Myspace is somewhat similar to Twitter, in the same sense that you only have a limited amount of characters to enter a post or leave a comment. But the New Myspace took it up a notch above twitter by adding an additional of ten characters. To some folks that is a lot, to me it does. But whatever.

Are we going to see the end of Facebook? Google+? Twitter? Who knows but my money is no. People will adapt and so shall Facebook. And in truth, there are so many social media sites that it is a challenge to keep them all up to date. But I do like how the New Myspace appears to be more polished that Facebook.

Let me know what you think of the whole New Myspace and if you’d like to connect to me, just click here.

If you’d like to join the New Myspace, click here to apply.


San Francisco Fall Antique Show 2012

It is fall and here in San Francisco that means Giants, World Series, #OrangeOctober, and the annual San Francisco Fall Antique Show. The SFFAS started Thursday October 25th and runs through  Sunday the 28th. Tickets for general admission is $15 if purchased ahead of time, if not $20 at the door. There are seminars and lectures that does vary in price. The sales of the tickets do benefit Enterprise for High School Students.

For more info about tickets, click here.

Here are some of the fine antiques from the SFFAS. If you have a chance to attend it, I highly recommend it.

Beyond Wonderland – Bay Area

This past Saturday in Oakland there were almost 400 noise complaints for a rave that was happening at the O.co Coliseum. This rave that lasted till 2 in the morning had headliners that consisted of Avicii, Alesso, Sander van Doorn, Chuckie, and much more. This rave that caused so much noise that can be felt and heard for miles was called Beyond Wonderland. And what a wonderful experience it was!

Beyond Wonderland has been around for sometime however this was the first time that Insomniac has decided to bring it north to the San Francisco Bay Area. The line to enter the venue moved fast, the weather wasn’t to cold, the Dj’s were killing it, and my ears were ringing till this afternoon 🙂

Going crazy in the Madhatter’s Castle!

I have included a map (courtesy of Insomniac) of the venue below so you can get an idea of the venue. For those of you unfamiliar with O.co Coliseum and the Oracle Arena, the O.co is the home of both the Oakland Athletics and the Oakland Raiders while the Oracle Arena is the home of the Golden State Warriors. The O.co is set to the East of the Oracle Arena where they are both flanked by parking to the north and south. The venue was set in the south parking lot. There were 3 stages; the Caterpillar Garden which was to the north east of the venue, the Madhatter’s Castle set in the middle, and the Queens’s Domain to the south. There was a ferries wheel, drinks, and other “attractions” that were set between the Madhatter’s Castle and the Queen’s Domain.

Map of Beyond Wonderland

With the name Beyond Wonderland I was coming to the venue expecting to go down the rabbit hole and find myself in a whole new world. Instead I ended up at the Madhatter’s table sober. Beyond Wonderland was like a bad regurgitation of the Electronic Daisy Carnival. I didn’t feel energy in the air, the ferries wheel and the picnic area seemed like an afterthought, and there wasn’t enough lights… What I mean by not enough lights is that the physical experience wasn’t all there. This is my opinion and I know that it aint fair to compare Beyond Wonderland with EDC.  With that said, the sets were amazing! Which is the very reason why people come to these events/raves/festivals. To hear and see their favorite DJ’s perform and fuck them sideways.

Sander van Doorn.

Oh man, where do I start? I saw Avicii for the first time and his set was crazy! Craziest part of it was that in the middle of his set, someone ignited a tear gas or let lose a fire extinguisher. I was to the right side of the tent when what ever it was went off and as soon as it did, many of us cleared the tent fast! People were running while covering their face, some were chocking and coughing, and there were still people enjoying the music. So I’m sure that what ever it was, was not tear gas. If it were, I’d be dying and more people would had been affected. The music kept on going and once the ominous cloud cleared, everyone went back in the tent to enjoy the night.

Avicii throwing it down!

I can’t stop saying how wonderful the DJ’s were. Cazzette, Thomas Gold, and all the other DJ’s that I saw that night. I wished that there was better timing with the different set times and less overlapping. Since there were overlapping set times I caught the tail end of some sets. For example, after Aviccii I went from the Queen’s Domain to the Madhatter’s Castle to catch the end of Chuckie‘s set. I wished that I saw all of Chuckie’s set since he was killing it.

Chuckie getting down in the Madhatter’s Castle!

The best DJ of the night would be Sander van Doorn. This. Guy. Killed. It. WOW! Sander’s set at EDC was one of my favorite form that weekend. But the set that Sander played for Beyond was a godly amount better! Holy shit! Can you say wow! Damn, damn, damn. Here’s a tease of Sander’s set from my girlfriend.

I’m thankful that Insomniac brought Beyond Wonderland and these wonderful DJ’s to the Bay Area. Over all the night was bad ass! I know that I’m being ignorant for writing that my ears were ringing the next day but I earned those damage ear drums. Next time I’ll bring ear buds. Which means that next time Beyond Wonderland is up here in the Bay Area, I’m going.



I have had a Pinterest account for a while and only recently I actually started using it. The reason why I did not start using Pinterest when I first had it because I do not like the idea of resharing content. That is why I do not have a Tumblr account and why I chose a WordPress as my soapbox for my blog. With Pinterest I was worried about over spamming my Twitter List or friends.

However now that I am using it, I am starting to enjoy it and understanding the product more. Pinterest is a good way to share your own images but at the same time to share stuff that you yourself are into or intrigues you. There are sites that I go to that friends of mine may not go and with Pinterest I have the ability to share it with them. Pinterest is like StumbleUpon meets Evernote.

Even though I am on the late freight, I am glad that I gave Pinterest a chance. Now time to go and do some pinning!


Interior Design and Social Media

Since after getting out of middle management from Element Case I have rekindled my passion for interior design with my new position at FLOR. With this new rekindled passion I started exploring the social media world for interior design groups. Well, this is what I’ve found:

  • Google+ doesn’t have a large active Interior Design group/page. Pretty disappointing with G+ being so strong and the next big social media next to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Facebook has several groups and associations however most people I know on Facebook use it for leisure and not for a networking professionally. But it’s good to know that organizations such as ASID and IIDA have a presence on Facebook even though there is not a lot of activity.
  • LinkedIn surprisingly have a lot of active Interior Designers posting and commenting on many Interior Design groups. Then again LinkedIn is a place for professionals to come and share their resume and experience.
  • Pinterest is a great place for Interior Designers to spread their work since it is such an easy tool to share images. The UI is even so simple to use!

So it seems that LinkedIn and Pinterest are where all the Interior Designers are hanging out at. It only makes sense since we are visual professionals that like to share our work with the world. As for forums and blogs, there are so many out there that you just have to find that certain niche that you are into to follow and be part of that community. Wished that there was better advice that I could give but it is what it is.

My Opinion on Hunger Games Adventure and FB

A couple days ago Funtactix  released the open beta for The Hunger Games Adventure on Facebook. I found out about the open beta from MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog. My initial reaction upon hearing the news was ecstatic. However after playing the game for a few hours the Hunger Games Adventure is like any other game on FB; Castleville, Mob Wars, Infinite Realms, Cafe World, etc. All you do in the game is grind, gather materials, listen to orders, and repeat. Yes the scenery changes from game to game but grinding is work. I just find it odd for people to check out of work in the real world just to put in “work” in the social media reality. Yes, I’ve played WoW, DC Universe, Battle Field 3, and other MMO’s but those games are more about working with other people to complete a task..

Damn. I don’t think I’m making a good argument.

But what I am trying to say is that I am disappointed with the game due to its redundant task however I do like the fact that you get to somewhat experience what it is like to be in District 12, especially since I’m a huge fan of the story. I’m such a huge fan of the story that I’ve made a Twitter account just to role play with other Hunger Games fans (@D12_Haymitch) Now only if the game could had been ground breaking like the story, then the game would had been amazing. Instead the game is another cookie cutter template on the FB gaming platform.

Maybe you all can help understand why do we play games that require us to work when we don’t enjoy working in real life? Is the web a better place for us? Are we truly robots that enjoy doing mundane tasks?

Hunger Games Adventure

World of Tanks 7.2

Update is released and I’m done doing the update! Even though there was the Beta release on the update, it was hard to get in so I gave up trying and kept playing the old version. So…

Here’s the scoop. There are changes in research experience required, change in profitability, new Crew Skills, new US Tanks, new maps! There’s other additions as well but to much to list. Plus I’m just getting anxious to launch the game to try it out! Here are the links to the release notes and Crew Skills.

Even though I’m still a noob when it comes to this game I’m sure that I’ll notice the difference. I’ll keep you folks posted!

World of Tanks 7.2 Trailer

The Twitter world and The Hunger Games community will have to wait!

Twitter, Hunger Games, and Role Playing

So I haven’t been making any blog posting recently because I just found out how fun and wonderful the world of Twitter. I recently read The Hunger Games trilogy, saw the movie last week, and I fell in love with the whole story; the rebellion, the idea of the reaping, kids killing kids, the costumes, Panem, the mutts, and the love story.

Since I loved and enjoyed the story so much I did what most fans do and follow characters from the story on Twitter. However when I’m on Twitter I always see people with “fake” or parody accounts acting like characters from their favorites show, book, and/or game. I’ll be honest and say that I always thought those people to be weird, even though I enjoy some of their tweets.

While trolling on Twitter I really liked the interaction and role playing that was going on between all the Hunger Games fans that I decided to create a Twittering account based from the story. And on March 28th 2012, @D12_Haymitch was born.

The reason I chose to make a Twittering account based on Haymitch Abernathy is because I can related to him, well not the killing part but the hating life, all the drinking, not caring, and surviving. Since Haymitch is the easiest one (Peeta being second) that I can related to I figured why not.

I honestly am enjoying the Hunger Games Twitter community and the whole Twittering community. As dorky as it sounds, I am having fun role playing and bantering with everyone on Twitter. People that have been tweeting for a while said that its just going to get better as I get more followers. I can’t wait for that and I look forward to hitting over 1,000 followers, currently I have 96.

Having so much fun role playing makes me wished that I should had done this long time ago. But at least I have one now. Also the best part about Twitter is that I have the app on my phone so I can take it everywhere!

“And may the odds be ever in your favor” – Effie Trinket