I have had a Pinterest account for a while and only recently I actually started using it. The reason why I did not start using Pinterest when I first had it because I do not like the idea of resharing content. That is why I do not have a Tumblr account and why I chose a WordPress as my soapbox for my blog. With Pinterest I was worried about over spamming my Twitter List or friends.

However now that I am using it, I am starting to enjoy it and understanding the product more. Pinterest is a good way to share your own images but at the same time to share stuff that you yourself are into or intrigues you. There are sites that I go to that friends of mine may not go and with Pinterest I have the ability to share it with them. Pinterest is like StumbleUpon meets Evernote.

Even though I am on the late freight, I am glad that I gave Pinterest a chance. Now time to go and do some pinning!

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