Missing New York

It has been over 3 years since I have been to the East Coast, specification New York and New Jersey. I was in those two states for my girlfriend’s birthday and for Fourth of July in 2009.

I spent about two weeks out in the East but it felt more like 2 days. I would like to go back to NY since I had a wonderful time there with my family and future family. I did a ton of walking to get to know the city, took a ton of photos, caught a Mets game, ate good food, and hanged around a lot of great people.

Here’s a photo of the New York skyline taken on the JFK Boulevard in Weehawken, New Jersey.

The New York Skyline from Weehawken, NJ.

The Hudson River is in the foreground with ferries transporting people between the state lines. To the right toward the back row of buildings you can see the top of the Empire State Building. To the left of the Empire State Building you can see the W Hotel, the “W” gives it away. Other famous buildings that can be seen are the Citicorp Building with its oblique slanting roof, the diagrid looking Hearst Magazine Building, and the Time Warner Center that has the two tall towers. Both the Joe DiMaggio Highway and Henry Hudson Parkway can be seen to the left of the frame. If I were from New York and studied the skyline, I’d be able to name a lot more of  buildings as I am able to name the buildings in San Francisco, and I would share that knowledge with you.

I hope to have another shot of the New York skyline by 2014 since I’m sure that the skyline has changed by now. Only time will tell if I ever get a chance to.

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