So Soon? Another Motovlog Post: Future Sailor Talk

Can’t believe that I am already posting another motovlog up on Youtube. I just happen to have a lot on my mind these days and just needed to get things out in the air.

3 thoughts on “So Soon? Another Motovlog Post: Future Sailor Talk

  1. You can get out of it. Regardless what your recruiter say, you are not legally bind to anything till the day you get swore in and ship out. Till then, its a delayed program or what ever its called. Also talk to my best friend and he signed up for the Marines, swore in just like you. His gf at the time talked him out of it and he told me the same thing, the day you ship out, you will swear in again then ship out. Thats when you’re committed.

    Yes, its crazy. There’s nothing wrong backing out especially if it doesn’t make finical sense. 2-3 months, fine. 9 months?! Definitely not. You put a lot of good things going for you right now and you put that in jeopardy. Your GF especially. If she’s your end game, thats what matters most. I know you want to follow your dreams but when you want a life partner, its no longer just your dream, it has to be both your dreams. You are not only being selfish but also foolish if you expect her to stand by your side while you go away for 9 month and still be there. Especially if she said this is now a bad idea. The finical hardship is also a major red flag. You have a good job right now but you will always have options. Regardless what field or company you work for, you will have options. If you were single, didn’t have anything going for you, then I’d say yes, sign up and join. But you’re not and like I said, you have a lot going for you. And perhaps its a sign that the Navy wasn’t meant to be.

    You might not see it but you are smart, talented, and great with things you put your mind to. Perhaps its time to stop chasing dreams and actually make life happen.

    Just because you’re living in reality, doesn’t mean its not a dream. -jameson079 (just made it up lol)

    1. Thanks! Never actually viewed myself actually living my dream.

      I do see several red flags, it’s not that I’m ignoring them, just mindful and aware of them. Haven’t talked to a job recruiter to fin another job, but that needs to happen fast since my ship date is around the corner.

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