Hello World! My First Motovlog!

Finally! After many unsuccessful attempts at  recording my first motovlog, I finally made one!

The reason that it took several hundred attempts are capturing my first motovlog is that camera angles were wrong, mumbling to much, audio, and so on. Playing around with camera angles and views took a while till I had the POV and angle that thought would be ideal for you, the viewing audience. Gathering my thoughts early in the morning and forming them into words didn’t always work out well that ended with me mumbling and rambling away. Then there were audio issues, trying to record audio onto my iPhone turned out horribly bad. Even with all the trial and errors that I ran into, it was good practice and a learning experience.

I’m sure by my 25th motovlog post, there will be a huge improvement that I can look back on¬†where I started and see the change… for the better I’m hoping!

Enjoy and let me know what you think about my first motovlog. I’m already looking forward to my next post!

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