Happy August!

Iit’s August! The first of August is here which to me that we are 10 days away from seeing the last episodes of Breaking Bad and days away from the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game!

We are just a couple weekends away to the end of a wonderful tv series, Breaking Bad. The mid season finale left us with many questions to what will happen between Walt and Hank, is Jesse back in the game, who’s going to die, and how will it all end? I have so much anxiety built up just from having to wait for the show to begin and as the days grow close, the anxiety level just goes up every day!

As for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, it may just be a preseason game, but it kicks off the start of football! I’m not just excited for the preseason being here but also for college football and the SEC Division dominance and fantasy football drafts happening all over the world. Another reason that I love football because it brings us entertainment, tail gatings, bar b ques, an excuse to drink heavily, fantasy football, camaraderie, betting, and above all thrash talking bragging rights. Can you smell it, the freshly cut of grass? I can!

Are you excited as I am for August? And if you’re not, why?

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