The Walking Dead – A Bad April Fools Joke?


For those of you that haven’t watched the season finale to The Walking Dead on AMC, stop reading. The rest of you can continue on reading.

The Governor and Rick
The Governor and Rick (image from

So many stuff happened last night from Carl killing a human to the Governor mascaraing his own people! Carl is my favorite character from TWD comic book so it’s final great to seeing him grow into a strong and just man in the tv series. But what I really want to talk about is Andrea.

Did Andrea really kill herself or are the directors of TWD playing a horrible Aprils Fools joke on us?

The reason that I can’t believe that Andrea is dead is because it’s ANDREA! Andrea is a key figure in the comic and who actually creates a romantic relationship with Rick. Andrea is also a skilled marksman that is vital to the groups survival.

The sad  reality is that TWD universe in the tv series is totally different from the comic book’s TWD universe. So I must face the fact that there is no way that Andrea could survive a fatal wound to the neck from a zombified Milton. Andrea’s death is not an April Fools joke. She has taken her own life by putting a bullet to her own head before she transforms into a zombie. Andrea is dead.

Am I going to miss Andrea?


Just like Lori, I was pissed and annoyed at how Andrea had 2 grown men fighter for her attention. While Lori’s was an intimate relationship with both Shane and Rick, Andrea’s relationship with both the Governor and Rick was more like a sheep trying to find her flock. Sadly the flock that ‘took her in’ made her pay with her life.

I’m still surprised that Andrea was killed off. Which just proves that in TWD universe, no one is safe.

Now I must wait for season 4 of TWD to come back on the air.

What do you think, did Andrea deserve to be killed? Do you think that Andrea could had freed herself in time to save herself? Do you think someone else should had died instead of Andrea? And do you think that Andrea should had killed the Governor when she had the chance?

RIP Andrea
RIP Andrea (image from

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