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How To Upgrade Memory On A MacBook Pro

Quick simple walk through process on the steps of replacing or upgrading the memory of your MacBook.

Memory Card:
Crucial 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3 1333 MT/s (PC3-10600) CL9 204-Pin

New Motovlog Post – Mothers Day – Night Photography

First off, I want to wish my Mom a Happy Belated Mothers Day! I meant to call you but got caught up with this and that that I forgot. By the time I realized that I haven’t called you, it was late in the night. However I did create a FB post wishing you a Happy Mothers Day… Does that count?

It has been quite a busy week for me so far. Been riding a lot around the City, grabbed diner with a friend that I haven’t seen for a while, went to an A’s game, and had some drinks to celebrate a friends birthday. On top of all that I’ve been on working creating content for my motovlog. Low and behold I have a new post up!

By creating new content for my motovlog meant that I had to be out riding more. Yay!.. So far this past week I’ve been out with the Lil Green Monster taking pics at night around San Francisco. These trips through the City at night were more like detours on the way home so the time out actually shooting was fairly short. Even though short, I learned a lot while taking pics with my iPhone in the dark, those learnings were that:

  • An iPhone is not a DSLR (I knew this already but with the size, the flexibility, and apps one can create stunning pictures with an iPhone).
  • I would like a DSLR if I ever plan on printing out my photos.
  • Carrying a light portable tripod, a flashlight, and a collapsable reflector can benefit me in accomplishing a better composition, produce or add more light on the subject, and easing the way to capture a long exposure.
  • No need to rush but still have a sense of urgency while taking photos at locations that can have me in trouble.

As eventful and busy this week has been, I am enjoying myself and appreciating time with family and friends.

Palace of Fine Arts
Admiring the Palace of Fine Arts
Ferry Building
At the Ferry Building
Soma at Pier 14
Lil’ Green Monster with Soma at Pier 14

I need new tires!!

My third post, yay! Instead of sharing my thoughts, I’m seeking advice. I need a new tire for my rear. If the price is right, I’ll pull the trigger on it.

What kind of set up do you all have for your bike? Any brands that you like over the others?


I’m not going to lie and write that I’ve been busy with work and projects as the reason why I haven’t posted anything new on this blog. I just have been busy. Wait, I just wrote that I wouldn’t write that but I just did. Well I have been busy, just not productive.

Right before my birthday (which is in September for those wanting to steal my identity) I discovered mountain biking. Actually it is more like rediscovered mountain biking (mtb). When I was small and 100 pounds lighter, I went on a few mtb trips to Lake Chabot but never really got into mtbing. Playing Gran Turismo peaked my interest more than going out and climbing 800 ft of elevation in the heat. Somehow I got hit with the mtb bug, and that bug has hit me hard.

Why has the mtb bug hit me so hard?

Maybe because I’m having a second round of mid life crisis. No, I am having my second mid life crisis. All of a sudden there is a need to feel alive by feeling physical exhaustion, pain, soreness, and fear. All that physical abuse and negativity reminds me that there is more to life than grinding the working man’s nightmare, that I need to go out there and live! There wont always be a tomorrow so I need to go out there and seize the moment! And for now that moment is mtbing.

Some may view mtbing as an easy task enjoying scenic views and riding through gorgeous forest and parks (which is not a fault) but for myself it is challenging oneself: pedaling up 100’s of feet, staring down a rocky path, overcoming obstacles,and letting go of the brakes to ride down a dirt path over 25 miles per hour.

So even though I haven’t been busy (productive) with: projects, designs, looking for a new job, vlogging, etc. I have been feeling more alive, am lot happier, and less stress. Did I mention that I am also ten pounds lighter, eating healthier, and in better shape? Well I am 🙂

Here are some Instagram pics from a few of my rides. In the future there will be some videos. Enjoy.

On the #SinawikTrail
At #LakeChabot before my chain broke.
A #Quick and #EarlyRide before I start my #Grind
Catching the #Sunset
7.4 mile #mtb ride at #LakeChabot done!
#mtb at #JaquinMillerPark
Having a #CaseOfTheMondays 🙂

Now to figure out how to have my girlfriend go on more rides with me 🙂


Full disclaimer. Even though my life isn’t perfect, I do appreciate what I have: friends, family, girlfriend, job, and life. 

Gone Swimming


Had my GoPro for a while and figured that it was time to get it wet!

Went over to my brother’s new pad, the House of Ford, for some sun and a dip.

I know that while in college I was told to “never apologize for your work” and to own it. Well, the video is nothing fancy or grand or spectacular. The video is just of me sinking and drowning and sucking almost 3 and a half minutes out of your life.


The Walking Dead – A Bad April Fools Joke?


For those of you that haven’t watched the season finale to The Walking Dead on AMC, stop reading. The rest of you can continue on reading.

The Governor and Rick
The Governor and Rick (image from

So many stuff happened last night from Carl killing a human to the Governor mascaraing his own people! Carl is my favorite character from TWD comic book so it’s final great to seeing him grow into a strong and just man in the tv series. But what I really want to talk about is Andrea.

Did Andrea really kill herself or are the directors of TWD playing a horrible Aprils Fools joke on us?

The reason that I can’t believe that Andrea is dead is because it’s ANDREA! Andrea is a key figure in the comic and who actually creates a romantic relationship with Rick. Andrea is also a skilled marksman that is vital to the groups survival.

The sad  reality is that TWD universe in the tv series is totally different from the comic book’s TWD universe. So I must face the fact that there is no way that Andrea could survive a fatal wound to the neck from a zombified Milton. Andrea’s death is not an April Fools joke. She has taken her own life by putting a bullet to her own head before she transforms into a zombie. Andrea is dead.

Am I going to miss Andrea?


Just like Lori, I was pissed and annoyed at how Andrea had 2 grown men fighter for her attention. While Lori’s was an intimate relationship with both Shane and Rick, Andrea’s relationship with both the Governor and Rick was more like a sheep trying to find her flock. Sadly the flock that ‘took her in’ made her pay with her life.

I’m still surprised that Andrea was killed off. Which just proves that in TWD universe, no one is safe.

Now I must wait for season 4 of TWD to come back on the air.

What do you think, did Andrea deserve to be killed? Do you think that Andrea could had freed herself in time to save herself? Do you think someone else should had died instead of Andrea? And do you think that Andrea should had killed the Governor when she had the chance?

RIP Andrea
RIP Andrea (image from

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

A while back I drove around West Oakland and found myself at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. This park is hidden around the Port of Oakland but if you look for the signs, you can find yourself here. Middle Harbor Shoreline Park has a great view of the San Francisco skyline that is visible anywhere in the park. To get a better view of  San Francisco’s skyline you can climb up into the observation tower that has free viewing scopes. Next time you are in Oakland, I recommend having Middle Harbor Shoreline Park as one of your go to destinations.

Observation tower and cranes from the Port of Oakland

Work, work, work

Here’s a sneak peak to something that I’m working on. This project should be done in a couple weeks. Until then, you’re going to have to wait to see what it is. 


Endless Shopping

Out shopping with the future wife. She’s lucky that I have patience, enjoy the quality time with her, and that I love her.

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes.