Thanks Fam!

"Easy Rider"
The "Easy Rider" Nylon and Leather Messenger Bag from Kenneth Cole

My family and girlfriend are so great! They got together to chip in on a new bag for me 🙂

It’s funny how I was actually shopping around for a new bag for the new job that I start this week. I already have Dakine backpack and a Timbuk2 messenger bag but I was looking around for a new bag that was more mature and professional to take to work.

Today I was walking around with Matt and Annie at the Westfield San Francisco Centre mall when I followed them into the Kenneth Cole store. After looking around for a minute Matt and Annie tells me to pick a bag.

“Huh?” was my reaction.

That’s when Matt told me that he got together with the family to get me a new bag for work.

After almost an hour at looking at bags at Kenneth Cole I decided to go with the modern looking Kenneth Cole “Easy Rider” Nylon & Leather Messenger Bag. The Nylon material gives the bag a modern sleek look while the leather flap still gives the bag a classy traditional look of a working mans bag.

Thanks again to all my loved ones! I love the bag! This bag will help me give confidence and the look of a professional to succeed in my career.

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