Hi World!

Here I am with another blog…
Well this technically is not a new blog, but a revitalized blog. What I plan to do with johnydecali is promote my perspective on how I see this world.

Yes that description is vague to what I believe that this blog can be but there is a reason. I have made several blogs in the past and they all have failed. This one may too as fail as well. The difference with this blog from the other blogs that I have made in the past is that those blogs inhibited me, limited me, and gave me tunnel vision.

I have interest in many things from photography to wakeboarding. And I plan to use this blog to document all my thoughts in all the hobbies and random things that perk my interest.. Even though I would like this blog to be about everything and nothing, I will do my best to keep it organized.

Right off the top of my head these are the main categories that I plan on writting about:

  • Photography
  • Football/Sports
  • Comics/Literature
  • Design
  • Gaming

What else can I say?

It is what it is.

4 thoughts on “Hi World!

  1. wtf is a gravatar? i understand what your saying but why is it called a gravatar is my question?

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