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My Photoblog.

Finally! After lagging for some time I went ahead and applied for an account. After a week or so, I finally have my gallery open!

For those that don’t know what is, it is a publishing site that allows you to purchase your favorite Instagram photos and have them delivered to you as canvas art. And in case you have been living under a rock, or don’t own a smart phone; Instagram is a photo app that allows users to edit their pictures and have it upload to the social network.

So come to my gallery and check out what I have been shooting 🙂
My gallery is now open!

EDC 2012


Sander Van Doorm
Sander Van Doorm doing it big at EDC

This was my first time ever attending an event of this magnitude! Great music, fireworks, lights, fire, lasers, friends, and wind, I loved it!

If you do not know what the Electric Daisy Carnival is, click here to see a trailer to the event.

Yes, I am STILL bummed out on  missing Steve Aoki performing with Blue Man Group, Tiesto, and Avicii (Avicii did perform on Sunday) but glad that Insomniac did the right thing by cancelling the event.

For those of you going through EDC withdrawals, here’s the set list from EDC:

“Get the sets you missed and the ones you love” – Jon Nguyen.

I’ll let my Instagram pics do the rest of the talking 🙂

We're here!
We’re here!
Through the gates and into the carnival!
The beast at the Q Dance Stage.. What the history behind this guy?
Lights and more lights!
Enjoying Nicky Romero in the Kinetic Field
Lights and rides
Private light show 🙂
Going wild to Calvin Harris
Kinetic Field being cleared out for our safety against the mighty wind
Q Dance stage cleared out as well

Sadly that above was my last EDC pic of the whole 3 day event. I ended up selling my Sunday ticket to a buddy that drove down but didn’t have a ticket. We should had found one on CL so that we all could had enjoyed the experience together. My only regret for the weekend. I’ll post more pics and some videos up from my camera when I get a chance later this week… Or weekend since it’s Design Week here in the City. Until then, dance the night away 🙂

Video Test

So I just got a GoPro Hero2 early this week and I have been like a little kid on Christmas! I need to find a video editing software and play around more w/ the GoPro to figure out what’s the best way to get a good composition with it.

So here’s a quick mash up of some old and new stuff placed together

Easter Shoot

Happy Belated Easter to all 🙂

This past Easter Sunday I went out with some of my siblings and went on a photo shoot with then. The plan was to take pictures of them ridings on their motorcycles on a curved road.

The original plan was to head over to Mines where there would be a lot of curved roads that we could take pictures. However I got out of church late so we decided to go to Calaveras Road instead since it was a 20 minutes commute versus a 45 minutes commute.

After finding a nice place to pull over we ended up by a horse shoe part of the road that was ideal for shooting.

Here are some of the shots from the day. I still need to go through the roll and do a quick touch up to them. All I did for these photos were a quick adjustments of the curves and burned the edges to give the photos a somewhat vignette look.

Being a Rebel
Being a rebel on her Rebel
250 Ninja
Acting cool on the 250 Ninja
Staring down her path
On the Rebel
Cruising on the Rebel
Saying dueces before punching on the throttle
Hitting the turn
Hitting the turn on the 250 Ninja
Looking Fancy
Looking fancy w/ the lean and fancy helmet 🙂