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Time Lapse Fun

Here is a time-lapse compilation video that I made while on my East Coast trip. Sadly all good things must come to an end and now I am on my way back to the West Coast and was in CLT typing up this draft as I head to LAX. Anyway, let me know what you think!

Thanks for all the hospitality! Can’t wait to come back East!

Happy 237th Birthday ‘Merica!

Our lovely country is turning 237 today, July the fourth,  and has aged very well.

While here on the East Coast I was able to see our nation’s capitol, which I thought that I’d never see.

US Capitol
The Washington Monument and the Free Folk Tower
Smithsonian Castle
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
The White House from the North Lawn
Lincoln and I


My brother James and his “Washington Monument” lol
Annie and James

And here’s a history lesson on our country and flag:









A Cutter in the Inner Harbor

Yesterday was my first time in Baltimore so I took advantage of it by going out and taking some night shots. Sadly the rain came out, cutting my night short. Here’s the best shot that from the night:

Coast Guard Cutter in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

The photo is unedited and the shot was taken with a Canon Rebel XSi, EFS 18-55mm @ f/5.6 – 1/1 (ISO 800).

View From Pier 15

San Francisco’s skyline from Pier 15

With the Exploratorium opening next week, the back side of Pier 15 should be open up to the public (not sure if it is closed off due to construction). With a view of the Bay Bridge’s Bay Lights to the east and the City’s skyline to the west, Pier 15 can be a new hot spot for photogs.  What do you think of the view?



Happy Easter

People say that God works in mysterious ways.  This Easter weekend, God was working one of his mysteries by bringing us rain. But even with the rain and the gray skies, God was telling us Happy Easter

The sun setting on Sloat
The sun setting on Sloat
Double Rainbow
Double rainbows over FedEx


Sunset on the Pacific
Sunset on the Pacific

Back at the Embarcadero

Well, I found myself back at the Embarcadero this past Sunday. I was just planning on heading home right after work but my brother wanted to go out and shoot. So I went and grabbed my camera from home only to find it dead when I tried using it. Burn… Well, More panoramic shots from my cell phone. Cheers!

Bay Lights and the Clock Tower

Panoramas from the Embarcadero

Last weekend I was down at the Embarcadero with my brother James. While I was there, I took several panoramic shots of the  area with my Samsung Galaxy Note II. I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the picture and how fast the phone processes the image. Below you can view both the untouched original photo followed by a quickly edited version. Let me know what you folks think about both original and edited image or how great cell phone cameras are or how I need more practice on Photoshop. Thanks!


From the Raygun Gothic Rocketship to the Bay Lights

Touched up:

From the Raygun Gothic Rocketship to the Bay Lights


Fountain to the Bridge

Touched up:

Fountain to the Bridge

Throw Back Thursday: Google+ Photowalk w/ Trey Ratcliff

Back in 2011, when Google+ was only available through invite, I went on my very first photowalk. I was, still am, New into the world of photography so I though that this would be a great experience. And it sure was!

The photowalk took place on the campus of Standford. There were a ton of people that came out for this photo walk, big names and everyday people like myself. Thomas Hawk was there and it was pretty cool watching my buddy Joe Ercoli about art and his personal project that he was working on Flickr.

I learned that there are a lot of friendly and helpful photogs (photographers) out there. Many of photogs like to talk gear and techniques. I also learned that I needed a tripod as the day got darker.

Here’s one of the photos that I took from the photowalk, the James H. Clark Center:

James H. Clark Center

The photo with my camera resting on my camera bag. I don’t know the settings and what it was shot with (I’m blogging from my phone so I don’t have all the details on me). All I know is thatthis was one of my first attempts to HDR. The photo is eh, it’s a decent start.

Standford is an amazing and gorgeous campus. I can’t to go back and take pictures of there. I’ll probably need a whole afternoon on the campus since the place is so vast.