My First Group Ride!

Oh man, what a great experience it was to ride in a group!

The crew
The Crew

This past weekend I went on my first group ride with my family (brothers, sisters, and in laws). There was a good variety of motorcycles in the group: a couple Harleys (a Road Glide and an 883), three Ninjas (two 1000’s and my 250), a Honda CB1000, and a Suzuki GSX R1000.

Kick stands were up around 10:00, we started off in Dublin and then rode out towards Jackson Rancheria taking back roads. From there we rode to Angels Camp where we made a stop at the Glory Hole by New Melones Lake where we used to go wake boarding. Then we headed back home tracking over 250 miles, riding through three counties, and experiencing different micro climates.

At The Glory Hole
At The Glory Hole

It was a huge difference from riding by yourself to riding with a group, there was much energy that you can feed off from the other riders. From the ride I learned how one can communicate with the group with hand signals and body movements, got comfortable riding close to other riders, and that there is so much more for me to experience on two wheels!

The only bad thing that happened to our group was that my brother lost his GoPro as it fell off the windshield and tumbled onto the freeway. I feel guilty for him losing his GoPro since I suggested that he mount his GoPro on the windshield of the bike and assured him that the suction mount would hold it’s grip… But it didn’t…

Taking A Break
Taking A Break

For my next group ride I’d love to have another GoPro to capture other angles, a couple extra batteries for the GoPro (it was dead half way through the trip), log more miles for the, invite some friends, and have a bigger bike (but that ain’t happening). Lastly a nice summer jacket would be great since I was sweating balls.

Can’t wait to go for the next group ride, who wants to join?!?

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