This weekend I had the opportunity to test ride a Honda CMX250c, or better known as the Rebel 250.

Honda Rebel 250
This ain’t no ordinary Rebel 250.

The Rebel 250 that I rode was in its third iteration from its former original self. The third iteration brought the Rebel back close to its former self. Even in its third iteration, one can tell that this bike was a little different from a stock Honda Rebel, just by the way it sat one knew that the bike had attitude. Asides from the custom paint job on the bike, one would notice the ape hanger, and maybe the violet grips. But once you fire up this Rebel, you definitely knew that this was not ordinary Rebel!

As for the ride, this Rebel had guts to match the sound. No, I wasn’t going zero to eighty in two seconds, hell I honestly think I had to switch gears by the time I hit 20 mph lol. But none the less, this Rebel can get up. The Rebel had better power in its third and fourth compared to its first two gears. My only regret is not taking this bike onto the freeway. I was running errands and felt that I didn’t have the time to spend zipping up and down 880.

Now the only thing that I can compare the Rebel 250 to is what I’ve only been riding, a Ninja 250. Overall the difference is night and day; different riding position, different power bands, and just a totally different feel. However so different there are some similarities such as the bike being nimble. The Rebel felt so nimble and light that if it weren’t for the loud grumbling exhaust, I would had thought that I was riding a bicycle! It was easy to flick the Rebel left and right as well, also the bike was very responsive. I was surprised how easily the bike leaned, took almost no effort. The low center of gravity on the bike gave me confidence that I can lean pretty far without worrying that I was going to fall.

Incase you were wondering how the second iteration of the Rebel 250 looked like; imagine a mean looking bobber with a peanut gas tank, ape hangers, and a simple leather seat pan. Now imagine that bobber a tiny bit smaller, it is a Rebel 250 after all… Here’s what the bike looked liked while it in its in progress stage:

My biggest take away from riding this Rebel was that I would love too, scratch that, I need too ride a ton of different bikes! it would be awesome to get a feel of different riding positions, learn what it feels like to have a range of power between my legs, and understand that each bike has its own personality… I wonder if I can find a job like that?

4 thoughts on “Rebel!

  1. were you wearing full leathers (top half) with shorts? lol

    sounds like you just entered the dilemma that faces every rider. how many bikes is enough?

    the answer:
    X + 1 = Y
    X being how many bikes you currently own and Y being how many bikes you should own

    1. I know… Didn’t notice that the mic wasn’t plugged in. Even if it were, I’m sure that it would had been a challenge to hear.

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