Leaving A Legacy

Today a coworker of mine had a seizure while at work. Call me sheltered but I’ve never seen anything like that before. Seeing a friend go through such pain and not sure how things would go made me think about life and what type of mark I want to leave behind.

2 thoughts on “Leaving A Legacy

  1. Seizures are absolutely terrifying to witness. Funny but I’ve never thought about it from a third person’s point of view. As a parent, my mind was more focused on Jake’s condition and lots of self doubt. Did we administer the shot in time? Where’s the paramedics? Isn’t it faster if I drove instead of waiting? I drive faster than this!?! Never thought about it from that perspective – if my life were to end what will I be remembered for. Thanks for the eye opener.

    1. Being a great sister, mother, and very supportive to all. You’re still young with a lot of memories to create with your family 🙂

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