Scouting and Plotting

With a camera in my back pocket and transportation via two wheels, there are a few sites around San Francisco that I’ve been wanting to take pictures of with my muse, aka the Lil Green Monster. The main two sites that I’m planning on shooting are the Mission Creek Sport Park’s Kayak House and Maintenance Pavilion, and Soma at Pier 14.

Kayak House & Maintenance Pavillion
Mission Creek Sport Park’s Kayak House & Maintenance Pavilion (photo: MKThink)

Over at Mission Creek Sports Park, a park that lays under the cold underbelly of the 280 freeway, there are two amazing architecture structures where one houses kayaks while the other is an 850 square feet of interior space to host events. Both structures resonates a unique blue glow at night that is anything but boring. MKThink are the brilliant architects that over came the challenges of the odd neglected location to create a wonderful park that the community can enjoy from various aspects whether it be playing basket ball on the court or launching a kayak into the bay.

Soma at Pier 14
Soma at Pier 14 (photo by Tex Allen via

Soma is a large interactive sculpture that once shot flames into the air at Burning Man but now illuminates the Bay with over 70 LED lights as it rests on Pier 14. The Flaming Lotus Girls are the creative minds that volunteered their time to create. Soma is a temporary art exhibit that will be on display until August of this year, after August Soma will find a new home while another exhibit will take it’s place.

In the next or two I plan on visiting each of these sites and taking pictures of these wonderful structures at night with the Lil Green Monster posing next to them. I’m planning on taking the shots late at night when most people are asleep and the least amount of traffic going by. Stay tuned!

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