New Year’s Resolution

With January coming to a close, I figured that it is time that I set and make plans for 2015. This year is going to be a short year for me since I’ll be headed to basic training in June with the Navy. Which is good, puts pressure on me to accomplish things on my list below:

  • Create art installation for the kitchen/dining room
  • Sketch everyday
  • Truly carry my Pentax with me everyday
  • Get back to church porn
  • Blog more

My girlfriend and I are giving our apartment a face lift since our roomate moved out. We are now in the kitchen/dining room, they share the same space, and the walls are screaming for help. We wanted to stay on a budget but still create something unique and great looking. After cruising Pinterest for inspiration, we decided to create a bipyramid origami art piece that is roughly 5′ x 3′. Once the project is done, I’ll post pics.

An example of a bipyramid Origami from KNOT Magazine

I used to be a decent doodler, but that was when I drew on a regular basis. Now my doodling skills are no better than a kindergartner. Drawing is like a muscle, the more you work at it, you get gains. So for 2015 I plan to sketch everyday…. starting tomorrow.

Photography is a hobby of mine. I’m not great at taking photos, I’m decent at it but I enjoy it. Last year I planned on carrying a camera (asides from my cell phone) on my person everyday but never did. This year I’m going to do so, even if I don’t take a picture, and just carrying a camera on me everyday will give me the opportunity to take a photo.

Pentax ME Super

Church porn? No, it’s not the new sex club in SF. Church porn is a photo project where I plan to take a photo of every church, mosque, and house of worship in San Francisco. I started this photo project a couple years ago, just never followed through with it. Will 2015 be the year that I accomplish and finish this project? Only time will tell.

Blog more…. Well this post is a good start. My last post was from a very long time ago that I don’t even want to check the date on it. I’m not going to lie to myself and say that I’ll post a blog every week, but I know that wont happen. My aim is for one post every other week.

These are ambitious task that I’m planning for 2015, most of them are habits that I need to form. Once these tasks becomes a habit and I do them everyday, I’ll have my new year’s resolution done!

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