Well, it appears that I am making some progress with html.

Early this year my brother and I obtained the domain where the site appeared like the image below until last night.

Under Construction
Michael Matthew Design: Under Construction

Last night I spent a few hours getting Michael Matthew Design on its feet. The work done on MMD is nothing to brag about, the site now has some text and an image on it. What I am celebrating however is the fact that, after having the site for nearly a year, we finally have content on the site! Not much but some. It’s a start.

There are a ton of templates that I could had used for putting the site together, which would had made my life easier, but I decided to use my new basic knowledge of HTML and put it to use. Future plans to MMD includes: more quality content, images, portfolio work, a questionnaire form, better fix sized control, and a more sophisticated look that doesn’t scream “basic”.

Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to touch up the site, if not I know that it will not take a better part of 2014 to touch the site again. And hopefully by spring, MMD will look presentable that the site will do it’s job and lure clients in for work. Check out Michael Matthew Design, it’ll only take 30 seconds, and let me know what you think about the site so far.

Michael Matthew Design


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