DIY GoPro Pole for EDC

Hey all!

As most of you know, if you didn’t know now you know, that I’m going Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) this coming weekend. Last year I experienced EDC for the first time and it was amazing! I brought my GoPro (GP) to capture the experience and this year I decided to bring my GP with me again! This year I don’t have a pole to extend my  GP over the crowd so I decided  to build a pole for my GP.

What do we have here?

There are tons of YouTube videos that demonstrate how to build a GP pole but none that had the dazzle of  what I envisioned of a GP pole that would be perfect for EDC and raves. So I decided to do a vlog post on a DIY GP pole project for 2 reasons: gain experience at building things and vlogging, the second was to show what you can do to a GoPro pole if you add some imagination into it.

Below is my DIY vlog post of myself putting together the GP pole.

You can purchase a pole for your GP or small point and shoot camera with prices ranging from $24 – $70 and up! I made my GP pole for roughly $35 but had to purchase some items that I know will pay dividends later down the road such as spray paint.

Here’s a list to what I purchased:

    • Insulation $0.97
    • PVC Cap $0.32
    • PVC Female $0.49
    • Pipe $0.99
    • Threaded $0.75
    • Cement $4.24
    • 1/4 – 20 bolts/nuts/washers  $1.18 ea.
    • Drill bit $2.97
    • Black All Purpose Paint $0.97
    • Satin Paint $3.87
    • Sand Paper 320 $3.97
    • Para Cord $2.99
    • EL  Wire$6 – $8
    • GoPro Tripod Mount $6.99
    • Learning and gaining confidence in building stuff: Priceless
Parts for the projects
Preview of the unfinished product
Quick check to see how things fit together
Not a great clear photo but you get the idea
The GoPro pole with the lights off in the dark
And it’s alive!

I hope that you enjoyed my DIY project and that you found it useful. If you have any suggestions to the parts that I used, the way the GP pole was assembled, or how I speak (with the lack of articulation), or anything, feedback is always welcomed so let me know what you think! Also if you see a guy walking around with a GP attached to a pole that is light up, stop me and say hi!

*ps. I struggled placing the EL wire onto the pole so it was difficult to record. I basically followed Stormdrane‘s video on how to do A Long 4 Bight Paracord Turk’s Head Knot.

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