GoPro Case

With my first vlog, I decided that it was time to organize the parts for my GoPro. Before organizing my GoPro and its accessories, I just kept the GoPro and everything that came along with it in a Nike drawstring bag.

But after tonight everything goes in this nice padded case that I received for Christmas. Below you can see how I store my GoPro Hero 2 now.

GoPro Storage. Top: First impression upon opening of the case. Middle: Unobstructed view of the case with the head mount to the side. Bottom:  GoPro accessories.

In the top image you can see what the case opens up to. The head strap doesn’t have a home in the case and just lays lose within the case. Once you move the head strap out of the way, you have a full view to all the pieces within the case.

What’s inside (from the bottom image starting from top left going clockwise): Suction cup mount, spare GoPro housing with extended back, GoPro in a skeleton housing, LCD back, bolts (6), pivot arms (4), tripod mount, bolt, USB charger, Amity, and USB cord.

There is plenty of room to add more accessories to the case, even another GoPro. Also I plan on including a micro USB cord to charge the Amity battery extender and picking up a Wifi back or another GoPro battery.

What do you folks think?

2 thoughts on “GoPro Case

  1. Hi johnydecali,

    Thanks for sharing a great info about the gopro cases. And you are right that these type of cases is very helpful for our accessories and needed by everybody.These type of cages is very essential for security purposes and also give you durability to your camera equipments

    Thanks for sharing this,keep it up!!

  2. Hi johnydecali. ,

    I was looking for information about camera slider and also other cameras accessories. Then i saw your this blog, your blog is really nice and its provide great information to others, specially to me. One more thing this blog is really look cool on my ipad.

    Thanks for sharing this information to people!!

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