Grace Cathedral

A few weeks ago I went to the  I went to Grace Cathedral. Technically I also went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints that same week but didn’t really take any photos, just a few Instagram shots of the church. Anyways, at Grace Cathedral I was able to take numerous photos of the amazing architecture and space.

Below is my attempt at capturing a panorama of the interior of Grace Cathedral.

The Labyrinth

The panorama was taken at the apex of the labyrinth and was stitched together with Photoshop. Since the panorama did not start at the center of the nave, the cathedral appears to turn toward the end of the labyrinth. In truth the cathedral runs straight from the altar to the narthex. This panorama was also taken free hand with just my POS 12.1MP Canon Elph 100 HS, not by a DSLR on a tripod. I’ll come back here sometime in the near future to try this again with the proper gear.

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