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Friday Escape – Happy Memorial Weekend!!

Holy crap! What an unproductive night for me!  Sun is coming up and all I managed to do was watch the final 2 episodes of True Detective and cook myself breakfast at 2am. Then spent the next hour on Youtube watching random shit about RDA’s, builds, vape reviews, etc. On the plus side, I stumble across one of Madeon’s old video, which is one of my faves!

Don’t forget, this weekend is Memorial Weekend! Memorial Weekend means that YOU need to go outside, enjoy the sun, bbq, don’t work to much, eat food, and say thanks to all those that gave their lives to make this weekend possible! As for myself, I am working my final 2 days at my job! Been a roller coaster ride these past 2 years. THANK YOU ALL! Then on Memorial Day itself, I will be tailgating with friends and family at O.co before watching the A’s beat on the Tigers.

Let’s Go Oakland!

Now.. I’m off to crawl under the sheets and take a quick power nap before I have to be at work in a few hours.

Hello World!

The title should actually read “Hello 2014!”. Can’t believe that January is almost over and that this is my first post of the year. For 2014 I was really hoping to be more active on this blog. Still am.

Anyway, I am excited since I uploaded my first mtb video!

In the past I’ve recorded a few rides but those were my first going mtb and they just seemed a little dull. The video that was uploaded is nothing fancy; edited with Youtube’s editor and using Youtube’s music. However I’m just happy that I was able to accomplish a simple post to my Youtube channel that also motivated me to do a blog post about it.

Here’s the video below:

This was the first time at Joaquin Miller Park  for my brother, so we took it easy. JMP is  a hidden gem in the hills of Oakland. The trails are short, fun, and a little challenging. Since I’m still honing my skills, this park seems like it’s the perfect skill level for me.

If you have any questions about the park, what I’m riding, my gear, why the sky is blue, or have suggestions, or anything just ping me.

Cheers and ride safe for you folks on two wheels (thats both motos and pedal power).

Unboxing: Vivitar 1250 Tripod

My first unboxing vlog post on my Youtube channel where I unbox a tripod that I picked up from Amazon, a Vivitar 1250 Tripod. Shot with my GoPro that I mounted on my bike pump since I didn’t have a tripod at the time. I do go off tangent a bit here and there, sorry. Let me know what you folks think about this video.


A Beautiful Morning Sunrise

Well I was up late Tuesday night, so I decided to play around with my GoPro and film a time lapse video of the sunrise. Sadly the weather wasn’t cooperating so the time lapse didn’t look to spectacular. And to be honest the view from where I was filming wasn’t so great.


I’ve  been wanting to do more time lapse with the GoPro but still need to figure out the best formula for capturing good content and getting the right framing of the subject. The best way that I’m going to learn is from experience which means that I need to get out more and go shooting.

Until next time!

Random Wednesday Rant – GOT

Happy Hump Day!

With today being the last Wednesday of the month, this Wednesday can only one thing. Winter is Coming!

Not sure how many of you folks are Game of Thrones fans, and if you’re not you need to get with the program! Watch the series on HBO, so far there has been 2 season that has been produced and published. With only 2 season to catch up, one can get brought to speed by Sunday, when the Third season comes out. Currently each season of GOT covers about 1 book from the GOT book series that was written by George R.R. Martin. There are currently 5 books out with George R.R. Martin planning to write a total of 7 books for the A Song of Ice and Fire series).  Book 3 is one of my favorite book of the series. BAD ASS is the best way that I can describe it.

HBO’s The Game of Thrones returns this Sunday March 31st.

For those of you that does follow the GOT, check out this short webisode series that I stumbled upon on YouTube. It’s called the School of Thrones, an adaption of GOT set in high school. Who ever wrote the show understood the main characters and the plot of the series. The acting is YouTube standard, a tiny bit cheesy, but the intro animation is pretty damn good, and these webisodes are a nice quick fix to those still going through GOT withdraws.

A Patchwork of Videos of the Bay Bridge

Last weekend my brother and I had time to check out the Bay Lights. I only had my GoPro Hero2 on me which I used to capture movements of the world’s largest art installation. Sadly the GoPro doesn’t record urban night shots that well. Instead of uploading an ok video of the Bay Lights, I figured that I’d throw it in a mix of videos and try to tell a story with it. Let me know what you folks think about. Thanks!

8.0 Update

Well… Wargaming.net has finally released an update for World of Tanks (WOT) that actually changes the game. Update 8.0 was released a few days ago and for the most part I like it. No. I love it.

For those unfamiliar with World of Tanks, WOT is a Free to Play (F2P) tank based MMO game where you can select tanks from World War 2. There are no factions but you can join clans, be in a platoon or company, or play by yourself. Once you start the game you are placed on a team and are pitted against another team to either destroy all the tanks from the opposing team or capture their base. That’s the basic general idea of the game.

The biggest change of the game is the physics. Prior to 8.0, as a tank you’re unable to go over an edge and fall. Now with the update you can drive up to the edge of a cliff and slide down the cliff side or plummet to your death.

Here I am in my Tetrarch tank demonstrating what the physics engine can do. I honestly was hoping to kill myself to rob the enemy the gratification of a kill and experience points that they would gain from my death. Sadly my death counted as one of their kills. At the end of this post you can find a YouTube video that reviews the physics of the game.

Leaping to my grave!

Another aspect of the physics upgrade is that now you can drown in your tank. Before you would drive over water and have your tank barely submerged. Now you can literary drive your tank into the deep end and never come back. During the first day of the update release there would be at least one player in each match killing themselves by either driving off a cliff/bridge or going for a swim lol.

Seeing if my tank is water proof. With the time counting down, I can assume that it aint o.O

Then there is the graphical aesthetics of the game that has  been rendered beautifully. Even though I run the game with the graphic setting at the lowest that it can be, you can see how beautiful the landscape can be while playing WOT. And if you run the game at a higher visual output, there can be a lot more details that you can see.

Enjoying the scenery before delivering death to the enemies.
Getting into position as the sun sets. Like the shadows of the trees during the golden hour?
Viewing the carnage as an angel from above.

The sounds of the game has been improved as well. Shots fired from tanks sound more real now than before, giving the game a more real life experience of what it would be like caught in the middle of a tanks squaring to each other. The lingering bass from an SPG’s and low tier tanks with auto-cannons sounds pretty bad ass!

One of my favorite feature to the game is the battle report. Before the update players would only have a few seconds to see how they fared in the game; how many tanks they destroyed, which tanks they hit or detected, see how much experience and credits they gained, and to see who earned some medals from the game. Now after the match you are thrown directly to the garage and see an overview of the battle.

The Battle Result’s Personal Score which shows that I earned a Steel Wall badge w/ my VK 3601 (H)

If you’re a numbers guy and wanted to see a more detailed report on how well or bad you did in the game you can now select ‘Detailed Report’ to view all that information. What is great about the detailed report is that you can see how much total damage you did, how much damage you received, how much gold you will receive after repairs, how much gold and xp you could had received if you were a premium player, and much more. How you interpret the date is up to you.

My detailed report from this match. Hey! Look at that. I traveled 1.57 km during the match!

With the update comes some nerfing. One of the tanks that was nerfed was my favorite PzKpfw IV. The nerf took away the Darth Vader turret from the tank and replaced it with a Scmalturm turret. The PzKpfw IV also lost it’s snipping ability. This is good and bad. I just now have to play my favorite tank in a different style.

My PzKpfw IV in the Rebels garage.

So far, the only thing that I don’t like about the update is the cost for painting your tank. You would, if you want but not necessarily, purchase a paint scheme for 3 different season for your tank. Then there is a cost per emblem  (max 2) and to add a saying to the tank. Well, I guess that Wargaming.does need to find a way to the game profitable with it being a Free to Play (F2P) game.

For more information about the 8.0 update you can look at the release notes for a full detailed list from the game play option, tank rebalancing, fixes, and more. Like I said above, I do love the update since it made the game feel fresh like a new game.

Please note that some of the images above shows the game altered with some mods from Beals. If you would like to download the mod pack you can download it from here:  http://beals.forbesthosting.com/beals/beals_8.0.zip