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Test Ride Triumph Thruxton Suzuki GSX R1000, CHP Speeding Ticket!

Man, it’s not every day or weekend that one gets the opportunity to test ride some bikes! This past weekend I rode two different bike, huge cc bikes in comparison to the Ninja 250r that I am accustomed to.

Had the liberty to test ride my friend’s gorgeous sexy red 2009 Triumph Thruxton 900 on Saturday after logging in some miles at the Four Corners in Woodside. Even though I only rode the Thruxton for a quick minute the bike felt comfortable, accelerated smoothly but did not have that kick that I was expecting. I wasn’t used to the geometry of the bike, so when I turned the bike it felt as if it were dipping into the turn. Overall I thought that the bike sounded sweet, turned some heads, and really wished that I rode it for a bit longer.

Custom Triumph Thruxton 900

Then on Sunday my brother let me take his sweet 2015 Suzuki GSX R1000 out for a spin as we got some ice cream, a win win in my book! Oddly enough, I wasn’t on planning riding this day so I had to borrow my brother’s gear to ride his bike. Once I was on the bike, I stalled…. was playing with the clutch and thought that I had it figured out but nope. As soon as the bike was back running, I took the bike down Auto Mall and headed north on 680. For a 1000cc bike, the bike surprisingly handle great and was nimble like my 250, had me weaving through cars at 80 mph like I was threading a needle, and that was up the Sunol Grade! This GSX R1000 was fun, had a lot of power but was forgiving, I’d love to take the bike further next time, maybe to San Jose…? lol.

Suzuki GSX R1000

Monday rolled around next and as I was cruising on my way to work that day I saw CHP posted up under an overpass next to a bus stop waiting for a sucker like me… What can I say, it is after all Monday.

Riding larger bikes, a 900cc and 1000cc motorcycle, made me realize that the large bikes are not as intimidating as I thought they would be. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t respect the power that they have, just thought that riding a larger bike would be scarier.

Anyway, thanks Stephen and Jon for allowing me to ride a couple big bikes. Now that I’m back on a 250cc, the Lil Green Monster felt a bit more LITTLE yesterday morning…

Easter Shoot

Happy Belated Easter to all 🙂

This past Easter Sunday I went out with some of my siblings and went on a photo shoot with then. The plan was to take pictures of them ridings on their motorcycles on a curved road.

The original plan was to head over to Mines where there would be a lot of curved roads that we could take pictures. However I got out of church late so we decided to go to Calaveras Road instead since it was a 20 minutes commute versus a 45 minutes commute.

After finding a nice place to pull over we ended up by a horse shoe part of the road that was ideal for shooting.

Here are some of the shots from the day. I still need to go through the roll and do a quick touch up to them. All I did for these photos were a quick adjustments of the curves and burned the edges to give the photos a somewhat vignette look.

Being a Rebel
Being a rebel on her Rebel
250 Ninja
Acting cool on the 250 Ninja
Staring down her path
On the Rebel
Cruising on the Rebel
Saying dueces before punching on the throttle
Hitting the turn
Hitting the turn on the 250 Ninja
Looking Fancy
Looking fancy w/ the lean and fancy helmet 🙂