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A Beautiful Morning Sunrise

Well I was up late Tuesday night, so I decided to play around with my GoPro and film a time lapse video of the sunrise. Sadly the weather wasn’t cooperating so the time lapse didn’t look to spectacular. And to be honest the view from where I was filming wasn’t so great.


I’ve  been wanting to do more time lapse with the GoPro but still need to figure out the best formula for capturing good content and getting the right framing of the subject. The best way that I’m going to learn is from experience which means that I need to get out more and go shooting.

Until next time!

View From Pier 15

San Francisco’s skyline from Pier 15

With the Exploratorium opening next week, the back side of Pier 15 should be open up to the public (not sure if it is closed off due to construction). With a view of the Bay Bridge’s Bay Lights to the east and the City’s skyline to the west, Pier 15 can be a new hot spot for photogs.  What do you think of the view?