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Group Ride This Weekend! 

Hey folks!

Super excited to let you all know that I’ll be going on a group ride this coming weekend! I’ll be riding with family and friends from Dublin to Sacramento to who knows where to next. This group ride is technically my first, I’m not counting my ride with my sister and brother a while back since it was my first time riding.

In the past I tried to get in on some group rides but they never happened. After this coming group ride, I’d love to a lot more group rides under my belt. To do that, I’m planning to hit up a forum that I frequent and look for local meet ups.

Ninjette.org is a site that I frequent that is made of a community of Ninja 250cc and 300cc riders. The folks at ninjette.org are friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable that I’m looking forward to hitting up the forums on the site to see when the local group ride will be.

Another way that I’m going to get more involved in group rides are by attending meet ups in the area for fellow motovloggers. Every now and then motovloggers get together to meet in person, network, build relationships, shoot the shit, and most importantly, ride. With summer almost here, I’m sure to find a motovlogger meet up soon.

That is my plan for now on getting getting more group rides under my belt. I’m positive that in time I’ll be able to getting in more group rides, whether if it’s with my family, friends, and/or strangers, I see a lot of group rides in my future.

Big 10!

Super excited that I am here posting up my tenth motovlog! For my regular subscribers, you know that I average about one blog post in about four months, so you can understand how inspired I have been lately to be already at my tenth motovlog post within a month.

I would like to thank all my regular subscribers and random viewers of this blog for subscribing and following me on my journey with my new found love.

Commute Home From Work

Messing around and editing a video that I took while on my ride home from work and seeing what turns up. Practice makes perfect..

Music by MC Jin – Carry On (feat. Stacie Bollman).

Bike Porn

So…. Still riding and taking more pics with my muse while I can, from Napa to South Bay and all around San Francisco.

Legion of Honor at sunset
Legion of Honor at sunrise
Road trip to Napa
Seeing double
Sunset at Rodeo Beach

Easter Shoot

Happy Belated Easter to all 🙂

This past Easter Sunday I went out with some of my siblings and went on a photo shoot with then. The plan was to take pictures of them ridings on their motorcycles on a curved road.

The original plan was to head over to Mines where there would be a lot of curved roads that we could take pictures. However I got out of church late so we decided to go to Calaveras Road instead since it was a 20 minutes commute versus a 45 minutes commute.

After finding a nice place to pull over we ended up by a horse shoe part of the road that was ideal for shooting.

Here are some of the shots from the day. I still need to go through the roll and do a quick touch up to them. All I did for these photos were a quick adjustments of the curves and burned the edges to give the photos a somewhat vignette look.

Being a Rebel
Being a rebel on her Rebel
250 Ninja
Acting cool on the 250 Ninja
Staring down her path
On the Rebel
Cruising on the Rebel
Saying dueces before punching on the throttle
Hitting the turn
Hitting the turn on the 250 Ninja
Looking Fancy
Looking fancy w/ the lean and fancy helmet 🙂