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A Muni Bus Almost Killed Me!

On my way home from work I almost got killed by Muni bus, who would had thought? For the record if you were wondering, yes, I was speeding. However speeding or not, that Muni driver could had been paying better attention.

Riding in the city, whether it is on a bicycle or motorcycle, is dangerous as one has to look out for all the moving hazards on the road such as: taxi drivers speeding and cutting through traffic, the Uber and Lyft drivers that are paying attention to their app rather than the road, the pedestrians that have ‘the right of way’ and put their life at risk by ignoring the oncoming traffic. Then there is Muni. For the most Muni busses and trains are not an issue. In fact I feel that the tracks for the trains and people running after their bus prove to be more dangerous than the busses themselves.

To my surprised the #18 Muni bus driver did not notice me one bit, even with all honking as I was doing (but honestly a squeak from a mouse is much louder). There I was with no outs as the bus blocked out my chances of going right, and then there was an oncoming jeep that eliminated the left side. In a situation like this with no outs, I had the choice to either slow down or go faster. At first I tried to slow down but I immediately felt that if I squeezed harder on the hand brakes and pushed down some more on the foot brakes that I would lose total control. In fact, you can hear the tires a skid a bit from downshifting. I said fuck it let off the brakes and just cruised. Judging the speed of the bus, my own speed, and the space that I had to squeeze between the jeep and the bus, I knew that the fit was going to be tight! Once I got past the bus, I let the driver know how I felt.

I’m not  going to lie, I was going to pull a Rev Bomb and bust the bus’s sideview mirror! I balled my hand into a fist and cocked my arm back but couldn’t find mirror in such a short period of time, plus I was focusing on the road in front of me. If it were a car that mirror would had been gone but since the vehicle was a bus, that mirror gets to live another day.

The Muni bus driver is not totally at fault and I do hope that who ever they are, that they don’t get fired if SFMTA see’s my video. And I’m not saying that all the blame lies with me for speeding. We were both at fault, it takes two to tango. We just need to learn from this experience and move on.

At the end of the day, I’m just glad I didn’t die, crashed, or totaled my bike from this accident that didn’t happen. And thank you to that jeep for giving me more space to breathe. Anyway, ride safe and ride your ride.

P.S. I’m starting a podcast….

I Love This Shoreline

Like many of you ticket holders, I received an alerting email from Ticket Masters stating that there are some changes to I Love This City. The news was shocking to me that I had to read the email twice to believe what I was reading. For those of you that have not purchased a ticket and are waiting for the right opportunity to purchase a ticket, You can click here to read the venue change. Below are the key changes:

  • ILTC venue will be moving from the At&t Lot to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mt. View
  • The age limit to the event has been lowered from 18 to 16
  • The event has been extended from 11:00 to 11:30
  • Tickets that are available are for Lawn tickets

Some of you may be ecstatic that the venue is moving to a larger and more suitable location, while there are some that may be upset by the whole turn of events. I, myself, am upset.

Yes, the Shoreline has 3 stages that each will be expelling a plethora amount of energy and music. However now I have almost an hour commute that I have to account for to attend this event. My original plan was to get off work, catch the 22 to the Church station and take the T to the Park. Now after work I have to get to the park and then catch the shuttle to the Shoreline or find someone who I can carpool with. With the commute I will be missing 2 – 3 hours of the event. Then I have to head home either on the shuttle or with some friends.

With the age limit being lowered to 16, ILTC will be like going to an 18 and over club such as City Nights. That’s all that I am going to say about the age limit being lowered.

11:00 to 11:30. An extra half an hour. Wow. Really? Is that all that Live Nation is going to give us for their poor event planning skills? If I’m going to be out of the City having fun, I might as well do it right and stay out the whole night. Extend ILTC till midnight or 1 am! That would be great.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m really bitter about the change of venue. I’m sure that folks in the South Bay, East Bay, and Peninsula are stoked that they don’t have to drive into the City. I just moved into the city from Walnut Creek and was excited to go to my first SF event as a San Franciscan. Whoever was in charge of the logistics of the event should be fired. I emailed Ticket Masters to please explain why the venue has been change and hope to hear back from them soon. I should email Live Nation as well.

San Francisco already has so much events that take place in the city that I believe that ILTC could had still added much-needed revenue for the city and reaffirm that San Francisco is the go to destination for events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As bitter as I am about the venue change, I will still be attending ILTC. When I get there I will enjoying myself to the fullest and not have negative vibes from the change of venue.