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Carson Palmer & The Desert

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a huge NFL fan. I’m the guy that watches the NFL Network every day and reads the latest rumors that are going on in the NFL. Why am I talking football in the offseason? Because in the NFL there is never an off season, just a non playing season.

People may not be surprised that I love the NFL but they sure are when I tell them that I am a huge Arizona Cardinals fan. I love the Cardinals through the good and bad. For as long as I have been a fan of the Cardinals (since the advent of Tecmo Super Bowl in 1991), they have been for the most part mediocre. The Cardinals had their ups and downs and I’ll stick by their side through the good and bad no matter what.

However the  ‘what’ has me curious for now with rumors of Arizona and Bruce Arians picking up Carson Palmer, who currently is an Oakland Raider. Oakland wants Palmer to take a pay cut and Palmer doesn’t want to, who is expected $13M for this season. However rumors say that  Palmer doesn’t mind taking a pay cut for a team that can win. If Oakland does cut Palmer lose, Arizona may be a nice landing spot for Palmer. I’m sure that Palmer wont mind throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald and a rising Michael Floyd, plus Arizona has a pretty good defense. Arizona started 4-0 then had some QB issues that led them to a long losing streak. With the right guy under center, Arizona can compete in a very tough NFC West division.

Here’s a quick update on the QB situation in Arizona:

  • Injury prone Kevin Kolb has been released.
  • Sixth year, 4 game starter Drew Stanton has been picked up to compete for the starting job.
  • The inaccurate John Skelton is also in the competition for the starting position.
  • Ryan Lindley is still wet behind the ears.
  • And Brian Hoyer is just like Stanton, a back up QB competing for the starting job.

Carson Palmer doesn’t look to bad compared to what the Cardinals currently have. Palmer started more games last season (15) than what Skelton, Lindley, Hoywer, and Stanton has combined (11). Palmer was  able to actually stayed healthy with a pretty good offensive line in Oakland that just allowed 27 sacks, less than half of Arizona’s 58 allowed sacks. Will Palmer be able to succeed in Arizona without any protection? Only time will tell but the offensive line of Arizona is where the attention should be going. But no, quarterbacks get all the attention whether it’s good or bad. I’m just hoping Arians and his staff will get the O-Line running on all cylinders by the time the season starts.

Lately it’s been Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson that are potential QB’s that Arizona could draft. Even Matt Scott is on Arizona’s radar as a late QB draft. Hopefully Arizona will be smart and invest in their line with this year’s draft. But until April 25th, I’ll be back watching highlights of Carson Palmer in Silver and Black and in Cincinnati, I gotta sell myself the idea that Palmer can actually succeed in the desert with a porous O-Line.

Lucky Pick 13: Michael Floyd

Michael Floyd
Pick 13 of the 2012 NFL Draft: Michael Floyd

“With the 13th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Michael Floyd, Wide Receiver, Notre Dame” – Rodger Goodell.

I am shocked that the Arizona Cardinals were able to pick up Michael Floyd (Pick 13) in this years NFL Draft. What an amazing pick up and great addition to the team! I thought that Arizona was going to end up with Melvin Ingram (Pick 18) to help with the defense. Or that Arizona would had bolstered up their O-Line with a pick up of Riley Reiff (Pick 23) or David DeCastro (Pick 24). But instead Arizona took the advice of Larry Fitzgerald and picked up a weapon, Floyd.

With Floyd, both he and Fitzgerald will be able to stretch the field and at least help take some attention away from Fitzgerald. Floyd will also free up defenders from Early Doucet (669.8 yds, 5 TD), allowing him to make big time plays. As for Andre Roberts, his future is unknown. Arizona may have as many as 5 receivers on their team or they may trade Roberts for a low draft next year or for a veteran tackle/guard that is past their prime.

I am so stoked that Floyd will be a part of the Arizona organization. Arizona had a lot of close games that they just couldn’t close out last season. They also have a decent  list of opponents for this year. I am predicting, with great possibility, that Arizona will be making it into the post season and their chances for the Super Bowl looks probable.

Watch out Niners, the Cardinals are back to take the NFC West Title!

Remaining Picks: 3-80, 4-112, 5-151, 6-177, 6-185, 7-221