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Friday Escape! With the Easter Bunny!

Happy Good Friday folks!

This weekend there is a 50/50 chance that it will be raining here in the Bay Area. With this Sunday being Easter, having the rain is bitter sweet. We, the people that live in the Bay Area, need the rain if we don’t want to worry about having a drought this year. But we don’t want the rain because many of us will be on an Easter Egg hunt or watching an Easter Parade.

For you baseball fans, the regular season starts this Monday. But if you are either an Oakland Athletics fan or San Francisco Giants fan, you may want to catch them play a friendly exhibition game against each other this weekend. Friday the Giants will be hosting the A’s and on Saturday the A’s will be hosting the Giants in Oakland. Last night the A’s spanked the Giants 7-3 at At&t Park.

What ever you plan to do, just don’t forget to pack an umbrella.


P.S. Don’t forget that Season 3 of GOT starts this Sunday!

Friday Escape!

I’m going to try posting something up every Friday which will be called Friday Escape. Fridays are when most people are ending their weekly grind and starting their weekend. If you’re like me, by noon you’re ready to bolt out the door and get your weekend started. Hence, Friday Escape.

The idea behind Friday Escape is to post something that is relevant to the weekend quickly. Whether it is telling you about my plan for the weekend or an event that’s happening in the San Francisco Bay Area, since there is almost something going on every weekend here.

This week March Madness started and we have San Jose hosting several games that started Thursday at the HP Pavilion. Saturday you can catch a game our local team Cal take on Syracuse or Oregon against St. Louise, that is if tickets aren’t sold out.

The weather is going to be great all over the Bay so you can play tourist in the City, play at the many beautiful parks throughout the Bay Area, or locked in your room playing God of War: Ascension. What ever you chose to do, try not to miss out on the great weather this weekend. Crack the blinds open if you’ll be cooped up indoors.  Keep in mind that we have spring showers coming in next week.

San Francisco’s iconic Cable Car

AFK Deviant Friday

Sorry for the AFK folks… I’ve been busy all this month and looks like that this will be my one and only post for November. Sad… I just got a Deviant Art account, igloojohn. So far I only placed up a few photos. I plan on putting up some illustrations in the near future… Also I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday! It’s storming out here in the SF Bay Area. So if you’re near or around the Bay, stay safe and dry!

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and I’m almost off! Can’t wait for the weekends to get here. Hope that the rest of you are already off and at happy hour 🙂

Side note, thanks for all the wonderful years in the green and gold to Kurt Suzuki, who just got dealt to the Nationals today.

Philz for Friday

Philz Coffee
Enjoying a cup of Philz on Caltrain 🙂

Like many of you, I am ending the work week with an 8 hour day at work today. Since it is Friday I decided to treat myself to Philz Coffe.

Philz Coffers is by far the best romantic coffee experience that I ever had. For those of you that are unfortunate to not live, work, or ne able to visit the San Francisco Bay Area let me give you a quick description to what type of coffee-house.

At Philz they only serve drip coffee that is individually hand-made per order. The flavors of coffee that are offered are a fusion of 2-7 beans from around the world to create unique flavors that any coffee aficionado would love. With flavors such as Tesora, Soo Good, and Aromatic Arabic (my favorite) would temp you to try a cup of their dozens of flavors. And if your finicky about your coffee, I’m sure you would find a flavors that you would love. I have been to Philz almost 50 times and have yet to try all their flavors.

Philz Coffee is something that all should try at least once in their life.

Happy Friday all!