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The Stick

Last Sunday I went to the San Francisco’s 49er home opener against the Detroit Lions for Sunday Night Football. The energy of the stadium was great. I even though I am not a San Francisco 49er fan, I did enjoy the game and cheered on the Niners. Hanged out with friends, tail gated, eat good, drank good, my fantasy football team (s) won, Arizona beat the Patriots, and the home team won. What more can I ask for?

The Stick (2012)

My Uncut Thoughts

So here are the players that I have for my team in the league Beast Mode. I had the 11th pick out of a 12 man league which meant that I had the 2nd (14th) pick the following round and so on.

Uncut Tip
1. (11) Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE)
2. (14) Cam Newton(Car – QB)
3. (35) Frank Gore(SF – RB)
4. (38) Steve Smith(Car – WR)
5. (59) Antonio Brown(Pit – WR)
6. (62) Stevie Johnson(Buf – WR)
7. (83) Rashard Mendenhall(Pit – RB)
8. (86) Beanie Wells(Ari – RB)
9. (107) Justin Blackmon(Jac – WR)
10. (110) Mike Williams(TB – WR)
11. (131) LeGarrette Blount(TB – RB)
12. (134) Ryan Williams(Ari – RB)
13. (155) Denver(Den – DEF)
14. (158) Michael Floyd(Ari – WR)
15. (179) Olindo Mare(Car – K)

In a 12 league team, you can’t really go wrong with a kicker. But I did. I messed up w/ my last pick by picking a kicker that didn’t make the cut. Now I have to pick up a kicker of the waivers… I know it’s not smart to pick players out of love, hope, loyalty, and hype but I still did by picking both Ryan Williams and Michael Floyd from Arizona. I couldn’t help that I’m a hopeless Cardinals fan.

Last season, in this same league, I had the most pts for in the league and the one of the lowest pts against in the league.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
*1. YoCTowN CiCHlidS 10-4-0 .714 1534.98 1460.36 L-1 9 22
*2. imma blast ya 10-4-0 .714 1528.34 1400.06 W-2 10 11
*3. BRYSONS BRAWLERS 8-6-0 .571 1467.84 1430.44 W-1 4 12
*4. Long Hard Johnson 8-6-0 .571 1476.78 1395.12 W-2 5 22
5. Uncut Tip 7-7-0 .500 1622.00 1378.52 L-2 7 21
6. Im On My Level 7-7-0 .500 1363.92 1356.34 W-2 3 3
7. Son’s of Anarchy 7-7-0 .500 1512.54 1527.42 L-1 2 10
8. Big D 6-8-0 .429 1312.90 1352.50 W-1 6 25
9. Sofa King Bueno 4-10-0 .286 1263.82 1441.88 L-4 1 7
10. Left Handed Jackers 3-11-0 .214 1325.04 1665.52 L-4 8 13

But pts doesn’t mean shit in this game. Wins are the only thing that matter. In the last 2 weeks of the season my team choked leaving me out of the playoffs. As you can see, I play with an active group of competitive folks that  keep this game fun. Cause it’s never fun when one person just dominates over the league with inactive members.

My final thoughts for my draft. My team looks sexy good that they can  make it to the playoffs and win it all but I’m going to focus on the present and take it week by week.

Let me know what you think about my picks and if you have an open spot in your league that needs to be filled, PM me. Here’s my player profile here, not that great or bad 🙂

If you’re interested on how my competition looks, I listed the league’s draft result here.