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Vlog Post 006: Fantasy Football

We are less than a week away till the NFL regular season is here! With that said, do you have your fantasy football team drafted and ready?!?

In my latest vlog post I talk about this year’s draft for my league: how I am unprepared for the draft,  who I drafted, why drafted certain players, and my overall thoughts and feelings of my drafted team.

This year, Yahoo Sports grades how well you did on your draft. I believe the draft grade is something new for Yahoo since I don’t recall being graded last year. Anyway, my grade for this year’s draft is a D. Ouch.

My Draft Report Card from Yahoo

The report card also includes several graphs that illustrate strength of schedule per week, the ADP (Average Draft Position ranking where a player would get drafted) of my pick per round, players points by bye week, and average points by position versus the league.

Graphs that help you understand why I was graded a D for my draft.

Do you like criticism, especially on how well you think your draft went?  Well the report card does that, it criticizes your top 5 picks, whether your decision to pick that player was good or bad.

Getting some healthy criticism from a bot

Well, here’s my team: The Vermillion Group. Kinda hard to tell how good (or bad) this group is when you can’t see my competition and their team. And to be honest I can’t blame Yahoo for giving me a D when I drafted an unknown rookie tight end, by the name of Zach Sudfeld, in the 10th round before drafting a QB. Eh…

The Vermillion Group

P.S. If any of you are looking for a fantasy football league to join, I got a friendly fantasy football league with a little money involved, $20. With money involved, people play with a bit more seriousness, creating a funner experience.

If you’re interested, click on this link: http://y.ahoo.it/zmzpB8Ao

And if you know anyone that would like to join, feel free to invite them.


Yahoo Fantasy Football League: Thread Lightly

My Uncut Thoughts

So here are the players that I have for my team in the league Beast Mode. I had the 11th pick out of a 12 man league which meant that I had the 2nd (14th) pick the following round and so on.

Uncut Tip
1. (11) Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE)
2. (14) Cam Newton(Car – QB)
3. (35) Frank Gore(SF – RB)
4. (38) Steve Smith(Car – WR)
5. (59) Antonio Brown(Pit – WR)
6. (62) Stevie Johnson(Buf – WR)
7. (83) Rashard Mendenhall(Pit – RB)
8. (86) Beanie Wells(Ari – RB)
9. (107) Justin Blackmon(Jac – WR)
10. (110) Mike Williams(TB – WR)
11. (131) LeGarrette Blount(TB – RB)
12. (134) Ryan Williams(Ari – RB)
13. (155) Denver(Den – DEF)
14. (158) Michael Floyd(Ari – WR)
15. (179) Olindo Mare(Car – K)

In a 12 league team, you can’t really go wrong with a kicker. But I did. I messed up w/ my last pick by picking a kicker that didn’t make the cut. Now I have to pick up a kicker of the waivers… I know it’s not smart to pick players out of love, hope, loyalty, and hype but I still did by picking both Ryan Williams and Michael Floyd from Arizona. I couldn’t help that I’m a hopeless Cardinals fan.

Last season, in this same league, I had the most pts for in the league and the one of the lowest pts against in the league.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
*1. YoCTowN CiCHlidS 10-4-0 .714 1534.98 1460.36 L-1 9 22
*2. imma blast ya 10-4-0 .714 1528.34 1400.06 W-2 10 11
*3. BRYSONS BRAWLERS 8-6-0 .571 1467.84 1430.44 W-1 4 12
*4. Long Hard Johnson 8-6-0 .571 1476.78 1395.12 W-2 5 22
5. Uncut Tip 7-7-0 .500 1622.00 1378.52 L-2 7 21
6. Im On My Level 7-7-0 .500 1363.92 1356.34 W-2 3 3
7. Son’s of Anarchy 7-7-0 .500 1512.54 1527.42 L-1 2 10
8. Big D 6-8-0 .429 1312.90 1352.50 W-1 6 25
9. Sofa King Bueno 4-10-0 .286 1263.82 1441.88 L-4 1 7
10. Left Handed Jackers 3-11-0 .214 1325.04 1665.52 L-4 8 13

But pts doesn’t mean shit in this game. Wins are the only thing that matter. In the last 2 weeks of the season my team choked leaving me out of the playoffs. As you can see, I play with an active group of competitive folks that  keep this game fun. Cause it’s never fun when one person just dominates over the league with inactive members.

My final thoughts for my draft. My team looks sexy good that they can  make it to the playoffs and win it all but I’m going to focus on the present and take it week by week.

Let me know what you think about my picks and if you have an open spot in your league that needs to be filled, PM me. Here’s my player profile here, not that great or bad 🙂

If you’re interested on how my competition looks, I listed the league’s draft result here.

Lucky Pick 13: Michael Floyd

Michael Floyd
Pick 13 of the 2012 NFL Draft: Michael Floyd

“With the 13th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Michael Floyd, Wide Receiver, Notre Dame” – Rodger Goodell.

I am shocked that the Arizona Cardinals were able to pick up Michael Floyd (Pick 13) in this years NFL Draft. What an amazing pick up and great addition to the team! I thought that Arizona was going to end up with Melvin Ingram (Pick 18) to help with the defense. Or that Arizona would had bolstered up their O-Line with a pick up of Riley Reiff (Pick 23) or David DeCastro (Pick 24). But instead Arizona took the advice of Larry Fitzgerald and picked up a weapon, Floyd.

With Floyd, both he and Fitzgerald will be able to stretch the field and at least help take some attention away from Fitzgerald. Floyd will also free up defenders from Early Doucet (669.8 yds, 5 TD), allowing him to make big time plays. As for Andre Roberts, his future is unknown. Arizona may have as many as 5 receivers on their team or they may trade Roberts for a low draft next year or for a veteran tackle/guard that is past their prime.

I am so stoked that Floyd will be a part of the Arizona organization. Arizona had a lot of close games that they just couldn’t close out last season. They also have a decent  list of opponents for this year. I am predicting, with great possibility, that Arizona will be making it into the post season and their chances for the Super Bowl looks probable.

Watch out Niners, the Cardinals are back to take the NFC West Title!

Remaining Picks: 3-80, 4-112, 5-151, 6-177, 6-185, 7-221