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Teaching Myself New Tricks

Don’t know if it’s my bipolar disorder that has my mind wandering or not, but I decided to get myself better acquainted with HTML/XHTML/CSS. Sigh….

Well I’m burning through HTML & CSS – Design And Build Website┬ásince I do know a bit of HTML, not a lot and not very proficient at HTML, but enough to go through the book fairly quickly. The problem with self taught books and online classes is that I never really apply what I learn to real life projects. This time around I’ll try and make a website from scratch, just hope that the site doesn’t end up looking like a Geocities website from the 90’s.

Come back by the end of the year and see whether I made a new site or lost interest in HTML.

P.S. In case you decide not to come back to my blog, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!