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A Patchwork of Videos of the Bay Bridge

Last weekend my brother and I had time to check out the Bay Lights. I only had my GoPro Hero2 on me which I used to capture movements of the world’s largest art installation. Sadly the GoPro doesn’t record urban night shots that well. Instead of uploading an ok video of the Bay Lights, I figured that I’d throw it in a mix of videos and try to tell a story with it. Let me know what you folks think about. Thanks!

The Iron Horse Bridge

I have been practicing with composition and cropping with the photos that I take. Below are several images of the same subject, the Robert I. Schroder (also referred to as the Iron Horse Bridge) in Walnut Creek, CA taken from different sections of the of the bridge.

The first photo is an overall shot of the bridge. Here I am trying to illustrate the shape and form of the bridge as it holds itself over the street.

Iron Horse Bridge

Next we have a view of the Iron Horse Bridge from the POV of a pedestrian. We are able to see the shape of the path as well as the butterflying feature of the arches as they fan outward toward the street.

Butterfly Arches

The final photo shows the south end underbelly of the bridge. I’m trying to show off the landscaping below the bridge since the greenery around the bridge is a wonderful complimentary feature of the bridge.

South End Pass

Let me know what you all think about the balance, feel, and overall composition. Feed back is always welcomed as I am growing to be a better photographer. Thanks!