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A Patchwork of Videos of the Bay Bridge

Last weekend my brother and I had time to check out the Bay Lights. I only had my GoPro Hero2 on me which I used to capture movements of the world’s largest art installation. Sadly the GoPro doesn’t record urban night shots that well. Instead of uploading an ok video of the Bay Lights, I figured that I’d throw it in a mix of videos and try to tell a story with it. Let me know what you folks think about. Thanks!

AFK Deviant Friday

Sorry for the AFK folks… I’ve been busy all this month and looks like that this will be my one and only post for November. Sad… I just got a Deviant Art account, igloojohn. So far I only placed up a few photos. I plan on putting up some illustrations in the near future… Also I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday! It’s storming out here in the SF Bay Area. So if you’re near or around the Bay, stay safe and dry!

San Francisco Fall Antique Show 2012

It is fall and here in San Francisco that means Giants, World Series, #OrangeOctober, and the annual San Francisco Fall Antique Show. The SFFAS started Thursday October 25th and runs through  Sunday the 28th. Tickets for general admission is $15 if purchased ahead of time, if not $20 at the door. There are seminars and lectures that does vary in price. The sales of the tickets do benefit Enterprise for High School Students.

For more info about tickets, click here.

Here are some of the fine antiques from the SFFAS. If you have a chance to attend it, I highly recommend it.