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Future Sailor No More

Yup… I backed out of my contract with the Navy.

A few days ago I have made my decision to pull out of the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) with the Navy. Making my decision was not easy, honestly I am still disappointed at myself but it is something that I will have to live with. I am disappointed because enlisting in the military is something that I have wanted to do since I was young and my heart is still telling me to go. However my head is telling me that I have to be an adult and make a smart decision.

Finances are the main reason that I backed out of my contract. I had a contract with the Navy where my rate would had been AECF (Advanced Electronic Computer Field) and learned the ins and outs of computer electronics. The schooling for the job would have been six to eight months on top of two months of basic training. While at basic and A school, I would be losing roughly a third to half of my current income. Even though there are almost no expenses while at training, I still had responsibilities that I have to take care off such as rent, student loans, credit cards, insurance, etc. Even though there I had options on handling my finances, I did not want to defer my student loans, nor pay the minimum balance of my credit cards, and did not want to become a financial burden to my girlfriend while away on training.

If I went to the Navy, after schooling I would had either went back to the job that I had before leaving for basic or start a new career in computer electronics. There were no guarantees that I would had found job in the civilian world in computer electronics, if I would had landed a job within that field then it would more than likely had been at an entry level position. If I did go back to the job I had, it could set me back on my career as well as stunting my growth with the company. Also that means the skill that I learned would had turn into a hobby, which is an expensive investment just for a hobby.

A few years ago I graduated with a bachelors degree in Interior Design, currently have a job that I love that pays decent, and I am establishing my career in design. I am at a point in my life where I can make something of myself instead of starting over fresh. If I went with the Navy, I would had enlisted as an E3 (Seaman (SN)) since I had college degree. Enlisted service members with no prior college credits or degree would normally start at the lowest rank of E1 (there are ways to enter basic as an E2). Even though E3 is not the lowest rank, I felt that I would be selling myself short since I have invested in myself by going to college and getting an education. Taking a huge pay cut as well would definitely be selling myself short, literally.

As an adult I had to make the right decision and that decision was to not set myself back in life by taking two steps back to take one step forward, which is what I would had done by enlisting with the Navy.

There is nothing wrong with enlisting with any of the military branches, I just decided to enlist at the wrong time and wrong stage of my life.

2013 is Here!

2013 is here! Yes, we are 2 weeks well into the New Year and I am a bit disappointed that the Mayan’s got it wrong. Oh well, all it means that I still have to give money to my estrange stalker Sallie Mae.

What I do look forward to for 2013 are some exciting movies from the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy: Catching Fire to yet another Die Hard movie. Below are several movies of 2013 that I look forward to watching.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Catching Fire is the second part to Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Game trilogy. The only thing that I don’t like about this movie is that it doesn’t come out till the last quarter of the year, eta November.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire via Total Films

A Good Day to Die Hard

Bruce Willis is back as John McClane and this time he’s taking on Mother Russia.


World War Z

I’m a big zombie fan so I’m looking forward to seeing World War Z with Brad Pitt. Think I Am Legend meets 2012.


The Wolverine

Marvel has butchered the X-Men and Spider Man series in the past but they have redeemed itself of late with The Avengers, the Iron Man series, and X-Men first class. The Wolverine follows Logan through his journey in Japan and is based off the Chris Claremont storyline.

Wolverine via Total Films

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is up against the Mandarin, played by Sir Ben Kingsley. The movie is supposed to have the War Machine in it but from the trailer, it appears to be the Patriot. Oh Marvel, how you like to twist things up.


What movies are you anxious to watch for 2013?

The New Myspace: Like An Old High School Buddy

Just like that high school buddy that left town to attend college and now is back with a degree. That person is still the same guy from high school but more refined but still ever a good friend.

Well, Myspace is back along with a new look. Forget the look, Myspace is be back with a whole new experience.

Last week I requested for an invite to the New Myspace and last night I got invited to join the New Myspace!

You’re invited to Join the New Myspace

I’ve set up my profile,, uploaded a couple pics, connected to some music, and added a couple folks to my Top 8.

Wow! I haven’t messed with Top 8 in a minute lol. Facebook has something like Top 8 called Close Friends but it ain’t like Top 8 where you can display who is in your Top 8 to your friends and trolls that cruise your page.

There’s so much that I want to write about and yet I feel that I still have so much to experience w/ the New Myspace that I don’t want to be to judgmental from my initial test drive of the site. So I’ll just mention a few quick things that are both good and bad.

Let’s first talk about lagging. One would be able to pan horizontally through their stream and what ever they were looking at should populate. Below is how my stream should appear.

My stream feed on the New Myspace.

However with either my connection lagging or the New Myspace server having issues, I was receiving content that was not fully uploaded. Below you can see the same exact screen from above but rather with the upload issue, which was intermittent. If any of you are having the same issues, please let me know because it would be great to know that I’m not alone with this problem. Thanks.

Content not fully uploaded from the server.

Besides the uploading issue, everything is great!

It took me a few seconds to familiarize myself with the UI and get into the habbit of simply hitting escape to close out the pop up windows. Panning horizontally versus the usual vertical style web page seems intuitive, especially since the wheel on the mouse already knows to go from left to right on horizontal websites.

The music features are pretty nice. I like how one can have the music play and have the control bar anchored to the bottom of the web page. You have the options of having a queue of songs play, music video play, or connected to a “radio station” where one would get a feed of the selected artist. If you have a music video playing, by default, it appears full screen but you can quickly minimize the video and that video plants itself to the bottom left of the screen.

Fullscreen: Linkin Park – Burn it Down
Minimized: Mike Shinoda going off at the bottom right of the screen.

With the ability of playing both songs, videos, and being a social website the New Myspace may kill sites like Pandora or as a source of streaming music.

Unlike Facebook, where you go on a liking spree and Like a ton of stuff from your feed, the New Myspace does not have a like button. Neither did the original Myspace. But there is a connect button that appears in the form of 2 circles that intersect. When you connect to a person or subject, a portion of the circle gets shaded in. When the other person connects back to you, the 2 circles combine into a single circle to represent how each of you fully connect.

Is connecting the equivalent as a “Like” button? For now I am going to have to say yes.

Below is Scholar Apparel’s New Myspace stream that shows that they have been listening to music and connecting with people.

School Apparel’s stream.

The New Myspace is somewhat similar to Twitter, in the same sense that you only have a limited amount of characters to enter a post or leave a comment. But the New Myspace took it up a notch above twitter by adding an additional of ten characters. To some folks that is a lot, to me it does. But whatever.

Are we going to see the end of Facebook? Google+? Twitter? Who knows but my money is no. People will adapt and so shall Facebook. And in truth, there are so many social media sites that it is a challenge to keep them all up to date. But I do like how the New Myspace appears to be more polished that Facebook.

Let me know what you think of the whole New Myspace and if you’d like to connect to me, just click here.

If you’d like to join the New Myspace, click here to apply.


Reliving the ’89 Loma Prieta Earthquake

With the New England quake and today being the 23rd anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, I thought I’d share my experience from that October day.

In 1989 I was ten years old and growing up in the hard streets of Oakland, a city that is approximately 12 miles east of San Francisco. To better defend myself form the punks in the neighborhood, my mom signed both my brother and I up for taekwondo classes.

On October 17th, 1989 I was at my taekwondo class which started at 5. We were done with our warm ups and were beginning our stretches with everyone sitting on the floor in a circle. As we sat there facing each other, I felt the need to fart. I slowly turned my body to one side to help the gas escape out slowly and quietly. While farting all my concentration was on myself trying to be a ninja and not make any noise. Next thing I knew the everyone got up screaming and running towards me to get to the door behind me. The room was rocking left and right but I just thought that someone had bumped into me. This whole time my thoughts were that everyone heard me fart and the room smelled hella bad, which is why everyone bolted for the door to get outside. As I sat there alone in the circle, I noticed that the rocking hasn’t stopped. That is when I knew that there was something wrong. I don’t remember getting up, all I remember was running for the door.

As I look back to the event, I’m just glad that I didn’t shit myself. As selfish as it sounds, I’m grateful that I did not lose anyone close to me that day.

Below is a California Highway Patrol recount and investigation from that day:

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


About Death

With October being the month of spook and horrors, I have decided to post verses and stanzas relating to death; whether it is death itself, the struggle to live, mourning loved ones, spirits, and what ever may come. These words will not be mine but rather from great writers. The first one is from P.K. Page.