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Hello World!

The title should actually read “Hello 2014!”. Can’t believe that January is almost over and that this is my first post of the year. For 2014 I was really hoping to be more active on this blog. Still am.

Anyway, I am excited since I uploaded my first mtb video!

In the past I’ve recorded a few rides but those were my first going mtb and they just seemed a little dull. The video that was uploaded is nothing fancy; edited with Youtube’s editor and using Youtube’s music. However I’m just happy that I was able to accomplish a simple post to my Youtube channel that also motivated me to do a blog post about it.

Here’s the video below:

This was the first time at Joaquin Miller Park  for my brother, so we took it easy. JMP is  a hidden gem in the hills of Oakland. The trails are short, fun, and a little challenging. Since I’m still honing my skills, this park seems like it’s the perfect skill level for me.

If you have any questions about the park, what I’m riding, my gear, why the sky is blue, or have suggestions, or anything just ping me.

Cheers and ride safe for you folks on two wheels (thats both motos and pedal power).


I’m not going to lie and write that I’ve been busy with work and projects as the reason why I haven’t posted anything new on this blog. I just have been busy. Wait, I just wrote that I wouldn’t write that but I just did. Well I have been busy, just not productive.

Right before my birthday (which is in September for those wanting to steal my identity) I discovered mountain biking. Actually it is more like rediscovered mountain biking (mtb). When I was small and 100 pounds lighter, I went on a few mtb trips to Lake Chabot but never really got into mtbing. Playing Gran Turismo peaked my interest more than going out and climbing 800 ft of elevation in the heat. Somehow I got hit with the mtb bug, and that bug has hit me hard.

Why has the mtb bug hit me so hard?

Maybe because I’m having a second round of mid life crisis. No, I am having my second mid life crisis. All of a sudden there is a need to feel alive by feeling physical exhaustion, pain, soreness, and fear. All that physical abuse and negativity reminds me that there is more to life than grinding the working man’s nightmare, that I need to go out there and live! There wont always be a tomorrow so I need to go out there and seize the moment! And for now that moment is mtbing.

Some may view mtbing as an easy task enjoying scenic views and riding through gorgeous forest and parks (which is not a fault) but for myself it is challenging oneself: pedaling up 100’s of feet, staring down a rocky path, overcoming obstacles,and letting go of the brakes to ride down a dirt path over 25 miles per hour.

So even though I haven’t been busy (productive) with: projects, designs, looking for a new job, vlogging, etc. I have been feeling more alive, am lot happier, and less stress. Did I mention that I am also ten pounds lighter, eating healthier, and in better shape? Well I am 🙂

Here are some Instagram pics from a few of my rides. In the future there will be some videos. Enjoy.

On the #SinawikTrail
At #LakeChabot before my chain broke.
A #Quick and #EarlyRide before I start my #Grind
Catching the #Sunset
7.4 mile #mtb ride at #LakeChabot done!
#mtb at #JaquinMillerPark
Having a #CaseOfTheMondays 🙂

Now to figure out how to have my girlfriend go on more rides with me 🙂


Full disclaimer. Even though my life isn’t perfect, I do appreciate what I have: friends, family, girlfriend, job, and life.